LIVE REVIEW: Robert DeLong – The Foundry

It’s been five years since Robert DeLong’s last Australian tour, so it only seemed appropriate that the Californian singer-songwriter finally returned down under for an exclusive run of shows that highlighted the massive growth he’s endured as an artist. 

Kicking off the run of dates in Brisbane with a late Thursday night show at The Foundry, he had the crowd slowly packing their way into the venue with some being completely unaware of the visually captivating and energetically embracing live show they were about to witness. 

Looking at his big and thorougher stage set-up, you’d assume that he’d have a three piece band accompanying him on-stage, and in some ways you were right and in some ways you’re wrong. Robert DeLong is the frontman to his own band and he’s the drummer, the guitarist, the keys/synth player and the percussionist. He does it all, while also singing live and energetically interacting with the crowd. 

Looping the individual sounds live, he proves how far you can push and bend the Ed Sheeran schtick and create a show that is not only mind blowing but it also so groundbreaking in it’s own right. Using PS4, Wii and other gaming controllers as synths, he has a fresh take on technology and shows audiences the drastic ways he can push these sounds into creating something beautifully unique. 

Walking on stage to the buzzing of synths, blue strobe lights appeared at the front of the stage which he approached to play like a synth pad before taking to his actual synth and key structure to kick off the show with ‘Beginning Of The End’ and ‘Don’t Wake Up’. 

“Brisbane, how the fuck are we feeling” he exclaimed. “We’ve flown 24 hours and lost our equipment to be here today, but we are ready to play for you” he added before continuing the show with ‘Jealousy’, ‘Religious Views’, ‘Revolutionary’ and ‘First Person On Earth’. He even thew in an epic drum solo in for good mix and showed just how versatile and talented he actually was. 

With a go-pro set up in front of his synth/keys station, he had up-close and personal footage of him performing projected onto the wall behind him, which added another unique layer of personalisation to this show. 

For the energetic delivery of ‘Acid Rain’ he jumped into the crowd and ran around and bounced with them while fans hugged him and screamed along to the lyrics in the microphone which added a cool punk energy. 

‘Happy’ and the anthemic ‘Long Way Down’ followed before he played the epic K.FLAY collaboration ‘Favorite Color Is Blue’ which became one of the biggest singalong’s of the night. Rounding the show off with ‘Global Concepts’ he had everyone jumping like crazy and wishing that show wouldn’t end. 

Returning for a final drum solo, he found a way to balance so many different sides of his artistry throughout the 50 minute show which was highly interactive and deeply engaging. Everyone left that show feeling incredibly blown away by the diverse talents he showcased and wishing they could see it all over again. 

Robert DeLong Australian Tour

Saturday December 21 – Yah Yah’s, Melbourne

Sunday December 22 – Ice Cream Festival, Perth 

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