LIVE REVIEW: Miami Horror – Woolly Mammoth

Miami Horror are injecting some summery dance vibes back into your lives with a touch of indie-pop goodness, and you better be ready for it. 

It’s been nine years since the release of their debut album ‘Illumination’ and since then they have grown and evolved a lot with a lot of things they’ve learnt about themselves and the live show they wanted to have highlighted along the way. 

The now Melbourne/Los Angeles six piece are reacquainting themselves to audiences with an impressive live show that goes above and beyond what they’ve delivered in the past. The key to this show was to deliver all of the fan favourites and showcase the growth they’ve experienced ahead of their third studio album which is slated for a late 2020 release. 

Returning to Brisbane for a mid December show at the Woolly Mammoth, I was quite surprised when I walked into the usually minimalist venue to see a huge production set up on the stage. They really weren’t holding back on showing the crowd what they had learnt and who they’ve become as performers in any aspect. 

Opening the show with the slick ‘All It Ever Was’ and ‘I Look To You’ they immediately showcased just how strong their live sound had formed over the years with oozing synths and instrumentation pouring through the speakers. 

Their enhanced new live show wasn’t just due to the improved instrumentation and the huge new lighting rig that they were touring around with them, but it was also the introduction of two new vocalists which elevated the show’s energy. TC Milan and Reva Devito rotated between solo’s throughout the night and also performed a couple of numbers together. But both of their personalities and styles were very complimentary to each other and added a little extra sass to the live show in their own ways with both of them not being afraid to get up in the audiences faces and even jump into the crowd. 

Fan favourites like ‘Leila’, ‘Love Like Mine’ and ‘Cellophane (So Cruel) continued the energetic vibes that they were layering their set with and the crowd weren’t afraid to singalong with them. The band even threw in their instrumental track ‘(Into The Night) which acted as a perfect segue into ‘Colours In The Sky’ live, just like it did on their album ‘All Possible Futures’. 

Switching things up for a moment, they added a cover of Childish Gambino’s ‘Sober’ which was super groovy and complimented the artistic direction of their new single ‘Luv Is Not Enough’ which they followed it up with. 

“Closing” their set with ‘Summersun’ they quickly reappeared to properly finish their set with ‘Real Slow’ and ‘Sometimes’.

Their music is the perfect definition of summer vibes and this live show embodied that feeling so perfectly. The crowd was having a fun time, there were drinks spilling everywhere and a lot of dance moves being shown off which is always a good sign of a good show. 

Miami Horror Australian Tour

Thursday 19 December – Fat Controller, Adelaide 

Friday 20 December – Ice Cream Factory, Perth 

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