INTERVIEW: Confidence Man

Confidence Man are Australia’s biggest party starters, and they never disappoint from getting the whole crowd grooving along to their ridiculously slick live show.

The collaborative four piece have shrouded themselves with mystery since day one and this little gimmick as helped them establish a strong branding and a highly engaging live show which is perfectly all over the place.

Their debut album ‘Confidence Music For Confidence People’ was full of straight up bangers and helped them create quite the presence within the evolving music industry.

After taking Australia and Europe by storm with their highly fun live show, they are heading over to Japan for the epic festival Snow Machine which will be based on the Hakuba mountains.

Joining Client Liaison, Crooked Colours, Hermitude, Illy, The Jungle Giants, Peking Duk, Running Touch, What So Not and more from 1-4 March 2020, this unique festival promises to be an experience like no other.

I recently chatted to Sugar Bones from Confidence Man about the bands upcoming trip to Japan for Snow Machine, the exploration behind finding their essence in their live show and continually evolving, and reflected on how their new single ‘Does It Make You Feel Good?’ came together. Check it out HERE; 

TB: Confidence Man will be heading to Japan in March 2020 for ‘Snow Machine’. So what are your top Confidence Man tips for a trip to the snow? 

SB: First of all you need to pack thermals because they are pretty much a godsend in the snow. Whoever invented those need to be seriously thanked. They just keep you warm which is an essential because if you have a cold bum then you’re not having a good time *laughs*.

Another thing would be beanies, which are great. But then I guess also in Japan you could argue that you need to pack your swimmers too because of their Onsens. 

So it’s really becoming a weird mix isn’t it. Thermals, beanies, snowboard and swimmers *laughs*. 

But lastly I would also pack Champagne so you can have a sneaky little glass at the top of the mountain if you’re feeling fancy. It’s all very luxurious in the snow. 

TB: Your live sets have a lot of unique highlights with huge singalong’s and big beat breakdowns. So what is one of your favourite tracks to play live that you feel is always going to be a MUST in a setlist for you? 

SB: I would say ‘C.O.O.L Party’ because it’s always fun and also solely because I get to spray champagne all over the crowd. So that’s always quite enjoyable. 

TB: You’re known to go shirtless quite a bit during your live sets and show off your abs… So are you going to brave the cold and go shirtless in Japan?

SB: I’ve played shirtless twice in the snow before so it won’t be my first time. But I’m becoming quite climatised to it *laughs*.

I did it once during an actual blizzard in Thredbo for First Base which was definitely a unique experience *laughs*. There was snow whipping us in the face the whole set. 

You could say that I’m used to blizzards now. It’s apparently apart of the job now. 

TB: Confidence Man’s aesthetic is pretty unique and feels like a combination of many different influences. Have different cultures and touring in places like Europe, UK and the US and planning on going to places like Japan influenced where you draw creativity from whether aesthetically or sonically? 

SB: I feel like it must because we want to rip off and steal from every one. So we won’t discriminate in that. We will steal any idea we can, so watch out *laughs*.

I’ve never been to Japan personally but Janet and Reggie has, but I am expecting to be blown away from the culture and the country so I wouldn’t be surprised if that inspires me in one way or another. 

TB: Your new single ‘Does It Make You Feel Good?’ delivers a sad undertones layered within disco-dance beats that gives me some Scissor Sisters vibes. So how did this song come together and what was the goal you had in mind? 

SB: This song was written really quickly. It was at the beginning of this second phase of writing that we had been doing for our upcoming second album and we tried to go into this writing without restricting ourselves or coming up with a preconceived idea and trying to aim towards it. 

We allowed the writing to develop naturally from the first album so the whole process just ended up feeling really natural.  So we sat down and within two hours we had most of the song done which never usually happens to us. 

We were just really enjoying chasing something that was a little moodier and maybe a little More delicate in the way it works. 

TB: Your debut album ‘Confident Music For Confident People’ was a very bold collection of tracks with some absolute bangers like the hit single ‘Boyfriend (Repeat)’ and the album favourite ‘C.O.O.L Party’. So what is the biggest thing you’ve learnt as a band from releasing this record that has impacted where you are at creatively with this new music?

SB: I don’t know if we learnt anything exactly, but surely we did, right? I guess dedicating ourselves to that style completely for that album was something we were really conscious about. We wanted it to be something that was very in your face and non-stop, and I think we succeed at that. So following through with our vision is something we learnt to stay strong with over time. 

From our debut album to this upcoming new record we just want to expand our horizons. We are keeping our options open to try anything we want for this second album. So there really is going to be no holding back. 

TB: Your live sets are an energetic and spiritual experience of party vibes and chaotic brilliance. So how do you usually choreograph these sets and how often do you try to refresh them within the different runs?

SB: That’s such a good question! That’s the first time someone has ever asked me that. But we do spend a lot of time doing that actually, which I think is quite an important part of who we are as a band and what our show has become. 

We are not like a normal live band where you can just chuck in a minute jam here and there. We really have to think out different sets and personally curate each show to the different set times from 30 minutes to 45 and 50 minutes.

But that also means over time that if we do want to add a new song to the setlist or want to refresh the ideas, that we need to sit down altogether and figure out how to move things so it keeps the set building momentum and also manages to mix things up. That then means we need to come up with some new segue and design new segments to collide different songs. 

It’s basically a never-ending jigsaw that keeps getting new pieces thrown in. 

TB: Your crowds know how to have a good time, just like you guys. So what is the weirdest thing you have seen during a live set when you’ve looked out into the crowd? 

SB: I feel like Janet would have some hilarious answers for this, but I think the strangest thing I’ve ever seen would have been at one of our early shows, which makes it even weirder, but I looked out to 1000 person and there was just someone standing in the front that looked exactly like me. They had the same hair, the same make up and was wearing the same outfit and was just starting at me so intensely. I locked eyes with him and it was the most bizarre thing. I felt like I was having a stroke *laughs*. 

It was a god concept going bananas, it was just so odd. But then I saw someone dressed up  as Janet next to him but it was so cool but bizarre. 

TB: Confidence Man’s Christmas track, ’Santa’s Coming Down The Chimney’ is about explicitly asking Santa for what you want. There is a bit of a crude twist. So if we were to give it a radio friendly twist and you were asking Santa for tickets to Snow Machine to see Confidence Man, how would you try convince him? 

SB: I don’t know hey.. Santa is meant to be this good old man but I reckon Janet has still got the best chance at convincing him *laughs*. 

I could do it my best too but I think she has it in the bag with this one. 

TB: Let’s play a little game of rapid fire questions. Just answer these little questions with the first thing that comes to your mind. Okay?

SB: Let’s do it! 

TB: The emoji that best describes your new single ‘Does It Make You Feel Good’ is…

SB: I just thought of the cucumber emoji but I think that was mainly because the colours matched *laughs*

TB: My go to Sushi roll is…

SB: The one with the small raw strip of salmon on the rice.

TB: The one thing I won’t be forgetting to pack on our trip to Japan for Snow Machine is…

SB: Thermals! I have this phobia of being stuck in a pace without the correct clothing and I wouldn’t know what to do without it because it’s become like my life go to.  

TB: A word I know in Japanese is…

SB: “Moshi Moshi’ which is a greeting like hello.

TB: Confidence Man’s biggest rule for a party is…

SB: Get down!

Confidence Man join Client Liaison, Crooked Colours, Hermitude, Illy, The Jungle Giants, Peking Duk, Running Touch, What So Not and more from 1-4 March 2020 in Hakuba for Snow Machine. 

Check out the full line up and package information at 

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