ALBUM REVIEW: Georgia Maq – Pleaser

Camp Cope’s lead singer Georgia Maq has surprise dropped a solo indie-pop debut record that is going to have you appropriately shocked and excited. 

‘Pleaser’ is short in duration but heavy in impact. Throughout the varied eight tracks she experiments with a pop production along with a less in your face approach compared to what we’ve heard from her in the past. It’s a very interesting light to hear her in and it’s a very engaging listen. 

Her vocal delivery oozes confidence as she takes a step back from screaming her problems and her feelings to stripping it back to hearing the candid emotion. Her tone is so captivating and at time her vocals remind me of Missy Higgins with her pronunciation of words and her lyrical flow. 

Opening with ‘Away From Love’, the simple strumming of an electric guitar accompanies her soothing vocal delivery before a pop-beat drops to elevate the hook. It’s a really simple formula that works so well and creates a very memorable introduction to what this album dives further into. And it’s also a great lead single to promote the experimentation she’s having. 

The pulsating synth of ‘Driving Blind’ drives that songs production until a climatic release halfway through which again shows another production experimentation. While title track ‘Pleaser’ is another moment of euphoric reflection. She takes a look at a toxic relationship she found herself in and struggling being able to get out. “I am doomed to be in love with you. I am doomed to be a pleaser for you” she soothingly sings during the chorus.

‘Like I Do’ is a grungey and moody Lorde and Eilish Gilligan crossover moment which is quite different to everything else on the record with ‘Easy To Love’ providing a good old straight up pop love song and the cinematic ‘Like A Shadow’ stripping it all back to allow her vocals to tell the story. 

But it’s the anthemic ‘You’ll Be Singing My Name’ that becomes an instant untouched highlight. This is a song with a whole lot of potential and should immediately become as single and be added to heavy rotation on triple j. Every time I hear it I just want to throw my hands up in the air and scream the lyrics while walking down a busy street. It has a lot of confident emotional energy behind it which is accompanied by a similar instrumentation and feeling that Lorde’s ‘Green Light’ inhabited. “Broken heart, it always heals on its own. Sing my name but I’ll still leave alone” she sings during the chorus. 

Closing the album with the simplistic ‘Big Embarrassing Heart’, she leaves the listener with the repeating of the line “Arms open, arms open I said; if you ever wanna come back” echoing in the outro which is so vulnerably powerful and affective. 

There is a lot to dissect from this record even with it’s short duration. There is a lot of emotions packed into a lot of experimentation and it’s done so powerfully and beautifully. So I recommend you to go sit or lay somewhere with headphones where you can burn a candle and just listen to the complexities of pop songwriting and production. 

From start to finish ‘Pleaser’ is such a rollercoaster ride of emotions and is such an engaging listen that will leave you wanting more. 

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