GRAACE knows how to hit us all in the feelings with her vulnerable lyrics and heartfelt thoughts. And she’s done it yet again with her raw new single, ‘Overthink’ which hears her addressing something we are all a little guilty for doing at one point or another in our life. 

“I overthink every word. I overthink everything I’ve ever heard. I overthink every movement. I overthink everything I do or I’ve done” she admits during the opening moments of the somber piano ballad.

With the cinematic structure of the ballad lifting the production, she adds sweeping strings during the chorus which is a beautiful touch that draws you in even further into the emotional rollercoaster that she kidnaps your heart for. 

As she reflects on all of the overthinking she’s done in her romantic situation she tries to find a way to hold onto something that may not be working. But it was the line, “I overthink even when I’m dreaming” that specifically stood out to me and hit me in the feels even harder. 

As a serial over-thinker myself, I could relate to a lot of these self identifications and could emotionally feel the raw vulnerability that was pouring out from her delivery. 

From the stripped back beginning to the cinematic ending, she has you hooked on every word and every heavy breath while she opens her heart to listeners in a candid and genuine way. 

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