SINGLE REVIEW: Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia

Dua Lipa wants it to be known that she’s not messing around with the roll out of her forthcoming sophomore album. The lead single ‘Don’t Start Now’ is one of the best songs of 2019 and to coincide with it rocketing up the charts, the UK singer-songwriter has been on a whirlwind global promo tour where she’s been performing the hit single at multiple award shows and prime time events to massive praise. 

To keep the momentum building, she’s dropped a groovy new single that will have you low-key dancing with a lot of attitude in your step. ‘Future Nostalgia’ is a self-love anthem in it’s own right and continues the heavy experimentation she has embraced within this new era. The new single and title track from her sophomore record is a song that is not meant to be taken too seriously, and takes a very light hearted approach through it’s playful flair. 

“I know you’re dying trying to figure me out. My name’s on the tip of your tongue, keep running your mouth. You want the recipe, but can’t handle my sound” she mysteriously coos during the chorus before breaking into a slick bass riff that just feels very cool. 

While the track sonically takes a very experimental approach within the production, and there’s heaps of unique layers that shine in their own moments, she successfully manages to not overcooking of it. There is no moment that feels over produced or intendedly gimmicky. Instead she just vibes the fuck out and gives you a cool moment. 

It may not be a radio hit waiting to be unleashed, instead the title track is ultimately a unique single for the fans. It’s a moment that will go off in her live show and will have the sassy empowering vibe from ‘Don’t Start Now’, ‘IDGAF’ and ‘New Rules’ rolling over into it.

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