SINGLE REVIEW: Cub Sport – Hearts In Halves 

Cub Sport have had a massive year following the release of their self titled third studio album in January which saw them touring the world and delivering their most elaborate live show yet. But that wasn’t enough for them as straight off the back of that release they are ready to deliver something fresh and new. 

‘I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life’ was the first taste of new music, and this dreamy Darren Hayes collaboration delivered a whole lot of emotions. Following that release, the Brisbane indie-pop four piece are giving fans a new trio of singles before the year is out.

‘333’ is a triple A-side of songs, that will see a new single released each week along with an accompanying music video. The first of the new tracks is the pulsating ‘Hearts In Halves’ the is soaked in a romantic twist.

Layered with dreamy foundations, this song ignites into a pulsating pop rhythm that offers a 80’s sensibility within it’s shiny hook. “One hand up in the air like everything feels perfect here. Two hearts in halves, baby it’s been years” lead singer Tim Nelson sings during the infectious chorus. Reflecting on the numbness of being hopelessly in love and stuck in a club full of people you don’t care about, you immediately feel empathetic towards him and the situation. 

“Watch me kiss someone else. I hate myself right now. I’d change but I don’t know how. I’ll dance it out for now” he further elaborates on the emotions of the self torture he’s putting himself through because of a heartache he can’t get through.  

During the outro, the feelings come together as he reunites with his love interest and everything falls into place. “Both arms up in the air, your hands run through my hair. I learned about your body, how much I need you here. I think you set me free, think you know what I need. Home is where you’re with me” he raspingly sings. 

The whole song is a pulsating pop journey of groovy indie beats that are layered together within a dreamy aesthetic. It’s quintessential Cub Sport at their finest while also showing glimpses of how they are continually growing their production and songwriting. 

‘Heart In Halves is out now while ‘City Of Angels’ will be released on 17 December and ‘Air’ will be released on 24 December.

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