SINGLE REVIEW: Taylor Swift – Christmas Tree Farm

Taylor Swift has always been very open about her love for Christmas. Early on in her career she released a Christmas EP which was a humble little gift to her fans, but a lot has changed in her life since 2008 and she wanted to give them a new Christmas song to blast over the festive season. 

‘Christmas Tree Farm’ is a cinematic pop track that will really have you feeling some kind of way this Christmas season. 

Tieing together her love for Christmas with some seasonal imagery and a romantic twist, she has perfectly created a special little moment that her fans will froth over. 

Beginning with sweeping strings, she drifts into the charismatic jingle of the bells and a polished pop production that feels uplifting and hopeful. It’s one of those Christmas songs you can’t help but bop along to and smile as you think of someone special to you. 

“Under the mistletoe, watching the fire glow and telling me, I love you. Just being in your arms takes me back to that little farm, where every wish comes true” she sings during the pop hook. 

This is a hopeful and festive song which feels like a direct thank you to her fans following all of the drama that has unfolded around this current album era.

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