SINGLE REVIEW: Halsey – Finally // Beautiful Stranger

In the lead up to the release of her third studio album ‘Manic’ on January 17, Halsey wants to show listeners different sides to her that they may not be acquainted with as of yet. She wants to dive deeper into her artistry while also diving deeper into who she authentically is as a person. 

Her new single ‘Finally // Beautiful Stranger’, is a straight up love song with a hopelessly romantic touch. It’s a hopeful side that we haven’t really heard before within her dark, moody and heartbreaking storylines.

Questioning whether it’s time for her to fall and not look back, she explains how this love interest is making her want to take a giant leap of faith for the first time in a long time. 

“Beautiful stranger, here you are in my arms and I know that beautiful strangers only come along to do me wrong. And I hope, beautiful stranger, here you are in my arms. But I think it’s finally, finally, finally, finally, finally safe for me to fall” she sings during the graceful chorus. 

It’s a very delicate guitar lead ballad that is quite minimalistic at it’s core. She doesn’t over sophisticate the production and allows the romantic storyline to lead the way. 

This song reminds me a lot of Taylor Swifts recent single ‘Lover’ with it’s organic approach, and this is definitely a side of Halsey I would love to hear more of. 

Halsey will be heading to Australia over New Years for an exclusive headlining set at Falls Festival. Check out the full touring dates HERE; 

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