SINGLE REVIEW: Nicole Millar – Favours

It’s been a hot minute in-between releases for Nicole Millar. The last time we heard from the Sydney singer-songwriter, she had just released her debut album ‘Excuse Me’ which experimented with a very pop heavy sound and served as a perfect introductory to her playful manner.

Layering her emotions and reflective thoughts with glittery pop beats that were mashed together with slick synths, she decided to get a little more experimental and gritty within her delivery for the start of this next chapter. 

‘Favours’ is a bold return to the pop world for Millar and hears her finding a happy medium between the experimental indie pop and the pure pop material that separated the contents of her debut EP and album. 

At the foundations of ‘Favours’ there is a darker and moodier tone that is elevated by bold and definitive beats, heavy bass and slight synth distortion that gives listeners something really interesting to dive into sonically 

Finding a contrast with the darker sonic, she has delivered a very playful storyline of being absolutely done with someone’s shit and not wanting any part of that toxic narrative anymore. “Act like you’ve got a halo for lips. I won’t sip on it, I wanna rinse. You must be living in euphoria if you think I will cry for ya” she admits as she discovers her worth and makes it clear that she will no longer be played. 

There are so many great one-liners that are filtered throughout the track, but my absolute favourite would have to be “Gwen Stefani your ass no doubt” which honestly just made my pop heart so happy. 

‘Favours’ is a track the reintroduces who Nicole Millar’ is as an artist and is a very exciting beginning to where the rest of her experimentation will sonically lead her. 

Get ready to be a little sassy folks! 

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