EP REVIEW: Iggy Azalea – Wicked Lips

For Iggy Azalea, 2019 has all been about giving new music to her fans. With the release of her highly anticipated sophomore record ‘In My Defense’ she captured listeners attention with her rhythmic flow and well crafted verses. It was a sonical return to her early mixtape material that steered away from her pop manufactured sound that pulled her into the commercial pop world in 2014. 

Following that release, she has backed it up with a new EP of similarly strong material that hears her genuinely just being herself and giving a mixture of catchy rhymes with a whole lot of sass and personality. 

‘Wicked Lips’ is brief in duration but impactful at it’s core. The lead single ‘Lola’ featuring Alice Chater is probably the weakest track out of the four due to it’s uninspired latin influence that sounds like a strange fusion between Camila Cabello’s ‘Havana’ and Cardi B’s ‘I Like It’. As a lead single it lacks that impactful nature and instead is just cited by a lot of comparisons of stronger songs. 

But as that song departs the soundscape, she spits some bars on the beat heavy ‘Not Important’ which is a sassy little track about knowing that a guy is lying about his status to try get with her at a club. “Every night, you need a new alibi, I see right through your disguise. This ain’t what you advertise, Goodbye!” she declares during the hook. It’s a simply put together track that isn’t over-cooked or too complex. She keeps it simple and allows it’s cheer storyline take centerstage.

The EP’s biggest moment, hands down, is the euphorically catchy ‘The Girls’ which features rising newcomer Pabllo Vittar. This is a song that should’ve been the lead single for the EP. It’s just so catchy and socially aware at the same time.

It’s a reflection on the injustices towards women that still occur in society and encourage the notion of standing together in support to continue to grow and make the world a kinder place. 

“It’s the world against the girls these days. Even girls against the girls these days. But all the girls, all the girls, all the girls gonna be okay” Vittar sings during the pop influenced hook which also doubles as the most commercially friendly Azalea has headed since ‘Savior’ and ‘Switch’. 

But the reason it works in Azalea’s new sonic is that it doesn’t feel forced or gimmicky. The emotion is real and you can hear the genuine sentiment behind the empowering narrative. 

Wrapping up the EP is the hip-hop inclined ‘Personal Problem’ which feels like quintessential Iggy. 

“Oh, it must suck to be you, bad luck losers go loos. I’m not actin’ brand new. It is what it is, I do what I do. Attitude on, bitch, fuck being nice. Don’t like me? I’m not surprised. Live your life, please don’t watch mine. Oh, you mad? I don’t know why, that sound like a personal problem” she spits during the sassy as fuck hook. 

Addressing her haters and non believers, she isn’t afraid to tell them to stay in their lane while she manoeuvres around them and continues to grind.

This track has a serious bad ass vibe to it and I 100% fuck with it. 

Through these recent releases Iggy has opened up a lot more about who she is as an artist and a person while showing genuine emotion behind her hard exterior. This is another great example of her raw talent that helped her break records in 2014 and reminds you that there is more to her than just a catchy pop track. 

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