SINGLE REVIEW: The Weeknd – Heartless

Over the past couple years, The Weeknd has made himself into one of the biggest names in music. ‘Can’t Feel Your Face’ and ‘Starboy’ were dynamite songs that embodied explosive hooks that took over mainstream radio and worldwide charts. 

Since the release of his heartbreak filled EP ‘My Dear Melancholy’, the Canadian singer-songwriter has had a bit of a quiet break from the spotlight. Returning to music with two stylistic singles, he’s just regurgitated what he’s been known for best, aka pure fuckboy moods. 

The lead single ‘Heartless’ is unapologetically a song about how much pussy he gets and a humble brag that he doesn’t care what his ex thinks of his lifestyle and he hopes that she knows all of the explicit details. It’s a bit of a asshole move which is why the title ‘Heartless’ perfectly comes into play. 

One of the most ridiculous lines in the whole song comes during the second verse where he states; “too much pussy, it be falling out the pocket”. Let’s just say that is a visual I wish I didn’t need to hear. But he then dives into a self deprecating tone as he realises how low his actions are. “And I’m back to my ways cause I’m heartless. All this money and this pain got me heartless. Low life for life cause I’m heartless”. 

While the song is unapologetically good in it’s own right, it’s nothing groundbreaking or new for him. It also just feel like a pure fuckboy song that turns you off on this slightly misogynistic view. 

It sounds like a track that has come straight off ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ and that’s not necessarily a compliment because four years later you would hope he’s evolved a little. 

Also let’s just make it clear that Kanye West’s ‘Heartless’ is still the inferior track. 

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