SINGLE REVIEW: Jess & Matt – Know About You

Jess & Matt were first introduced to Australian audiences when they became finalists on X Factor Australia in 2015 and went on to coming third in the overall competition. Since then they had success with their singles ‘Bones’, ‘Nothing Matters’ and ‘Sydney To Me’ and went on to release one EP and two albums of mostly covers. 

With a craving to release original music and let their fans finally hear the complexities of their artistry, the Sydney husband and wife duo have parted ways with their major label to go completely independent and take a massive leap of faith. 

To celebrate the beginning of this new chapter, they finally released a brand new original track which is an infectious and playful pop track that is all about social media stalking. ‘Know About You’ is a carefree and lovesick song which questions if the person they are falling for even knows they exist.

We are all guilty of doing it at some point in our past or you may be like me and am happy to admit that I may be a serial social media stalker that hasn’t retired yet. And Jess & Matt both candidly confess that they stalked each other on social media for a whole year before actually meeting each other, which is a cute and hopeful little story. 

With the main refrain echoing the slick pop line “I don’t know if you know about me but I know about you” complimented by a pulsating synth production, it will be immediately engrained in your head. 

Sonically this track is quite the departure from their folk inspired covers record ‘Songs From The Village’. But while it may be a unashamedly pop song, it also has a very authentic structure that highlights the fusion of a raw electric guitar and drums that has a polished synth layering. 

From the first listen you will be immediately impressed and ready to press replay on it as the hook circles around the insides of your head. It has a quirky and fun little sentiment that also helps make it stand out. 

But at the premise of it all, the moral of the story is that if you’re a serial social media stalker with a very single relationship status, then there is still hope for you. 



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