LIVE REVIEW: Two Door Cinema Club – Fortitude Music Hall

Hailing from Northern Ireland, Two Door Cinema Club have made a second home in Australia over the years through their continuous Australian tours and festival inclusions that bring them back into the arms of some of their longest supporting fans. 

Following the release of their fourth studio album ‘False Alarm’ which was released earlier in the year, the dynamic trio returned back down under for an exclusive run of headline shows. 

Wrapping up their tour in Brisbane at the Fortitude Music Hall, the euphoric energy that was radiating from the crowd transferred to on stage with each member significantly taken back by how energetic and humbling the crowds reaction was. 

With a programming styled video introduction signalling the start of the show, the audience were immediately set into a frenzy while each member walked out onto the stage to kick off the show with new single ‘Talk’. Halfway through the track lead singer Alex Trimble welcomed them to the show with an excited smile on his face. “Good evening Brisbane!, nice to see you” he exclaimed.

Wasting no time of exploring their extensive discography, they gave the crowd exactly what they wanted with ‘Undercover Martyn’, ‘I Can Talk’ and ‘Are We Ready? (Wreck)’ immediately setting the energy at an all time high. 

Their impressive stage setup allowed them to deliver a very visual show that also highlighted the bold and distinct aesthetic they have created within ‘False Alarm’. Everything was very cohesive and I was continuously taken aback by the level of thought that went into the significant design of the show. 

With 66 individual lights placed behind them, their show was bright, bold and remained to have purpose throughout the 75 minute duration. With the colour scheme being red and blue they didn’t travel too far from this very playful spectrum with Trimble even rocking a slick blue suit and a bright red microphone. With flashing strobes and moody spotlights helping them play with shadows and silhouettes, they continually experimented with the set up and delivered a very visually aesthetically pleasing show. 

Playing between their back catalogue and their new album, they delivered tracks like ‘Cigarettes In The Theatre’, ‘Do You Want It All?’, ‘Bad Decisions’ and ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’. But some of the biggest singalong’s throughout the night unsurprisingly came from ‘What You Know’, ‘Lavender’ and ‘Eat That Up, It’s Good For You’.

But there was one song in particular from their new record that impressively stood out within the mix of old material and that was ‘Satellite’. It particularly felt very at home in their set with it’s pulsating synths and riveting hook which created a cool little moment. 

With no fake encores built into their set, they just built up the energy to a giant climax of emotions and singalong’s with ‘Something Good Can Work’ and the euphoric ‘Sun’ which even saw a sun rising on the giant LED screen behind them.

There was a lot of deep thoughts and visualisation that went behind this show, but at the core of it was a collection of strong songs that celebrated their twelve years as a band. 

Check out the full gallery captured by Kirsten Roe Photography BELOW:

Photos by Kirsten Roe

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