EP REVIEW: Lovemedo – Miss You When I’m Bored

2019 has been a year full of massive comebacks of artists you almost used to love, and vulnerable confessions that triggered a whole lot of emotions along the way. But 2019 has also been one of the most refreshing years for newcomers to find their place within the industry, with Tones And I and Lewis Capaldi being perfect representations of the possibility of breakthrough success with record breaking global smash hits under both of their belts as a result.

But another newcomer who has been continually impressing this year with their DIY sound, confident attitude and aesthetically pleasing package is the mysterious Lovemedo.

His debut single ‘Re-Like You’ ‘was a song with a whole lot of personality, emotion and feeling. From a first listen he drew listeners into this experimental and relatable world of pure honesty while admitting he still had feelings for his ex and cared about them even though he knew he shouldn’t.

Along with the playful lyric delivery, he layered an experimental production that immediately impressed with it’s DIY elements and PC Pop like-mindedness. The innovative production style allowed him to use glass shattering sounds as one of the main samples to lead into the hook which was so bold. This is a song I’m convinced has still not peaked as it’s one of the most innovative and exciting releases of the year.

His follow up single ‘You Kiss Everyone’ kept the momentum rolling with a playful delivery that was full of sass and had you questioning who he was serving a whole lot of attitude towards. Following a similar DIY structure to ‘Re-Like You’, the production is bright and funky and manages to maintain a fresh feeling. With the vibrant exposure, it also implements some The 1975 and brit-pop influences with it’s slick polish. With the way he syncs together samples and builds a slick production, he will have you constantly questioning where the song could sonically go, which is the most exciting thing about it.

Setting the important foundations for a very successful future, the Central Coast singer-songwriter and producer has just released his impressive debut EP which continues this evolution and is layered with heavy emotions, key reflections and a whole lot of polished production.

‘Miss You When I’m Bored’ kick starts the journey of discovery as he dives into who he is as an artist and the sort of key elements he wants to tackle within this musical journey. From the inclusion of the two singles, the rest of the tracks build a storyline of his true feelings while he cements a strong production dialogue within his artistry.

With a personal creative driving force behind him, all of these songs are notably impressive in their own unique way. From the cinematically rising introduction ‘Lmd 001’ to the recent single ‘Lonely For You (Only), he captures raw talent that has been polished and presented in a sparkly way.

The real sentiment of missing someone exclusively is highlighted in a very pop focused way as he candidly dishes out the lyrics with this big pop sensibility that ends up feeling experimental and authentic.

Floating in the same experimental indie-pop world, ‘244’ is yet another indie-pop song that has a lot of commercial sensibility. With a The 1975 approach, he layers all of the sounds together to keep building on what the song could become. The hypothetical storyline is also very catchy and one you can straight away start grooving along to.

Tying the whole EP together is the cinematic and extremely raw closing track, ‘Mywib’ which appropriately grounds the idea of the whole structure together. Stripping back all of the necessities he just sings into a microphone before he layers all of the vocal effects using vocoder to give it a contrasting layer. It’s moments like this that can still create quite an impactful experience through it’s technology.

At it’s core ‘Miss You When i’m Bored’ is a collection of tracks that genuinely feels like quinsidential Lovemedo. It pushes boundaries sonically, creates some cinematic moments and is also honestly a raw exploration of what the future holds for him.

Lovemedo is an artist we are filing as “must watch for 2020” and you better be ready!

‘Miss You When I’m Bored’ is out now on all streaming services! 



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