SINGLE REVIEW: Hazlett – Monsters

Continuing his genuinely vulnerable and authentic soundscapes, Hazlett has allowed listeners into a world of cinematic aesthetics this year through his singles ‘Fireworks’, ‘Suncats’ and his imaginative cover of Ricky Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. 

His dreamy artistry is so compelling because of it’s raw foundations that are layered into these beautifully intricate arrangements that are centred around his acoustic roots and his soothing harmonies. 

With the year nearly over, he’s decided to release one final song into the world. ‘Monsters’ is an ode to his over thinking dialogue that we all have internally when we find ourselves a little too drunk in an overcrowded bar with people you don’t want to be with and the anxiety of the situation starts to set in.

Holding a grasp on that emotion and capturing the essence of that regular experience, the Brisbane singer-songwriter creates a magical and honest moment that reminds everyone we are all a little messed up and a little delicate. 

“It’s hard to find the chemistry clothed within insecurity” he sings during the second verse as he explores the internal dialogue that makes him go out and try to be social with people he doesn’t feel comfortable around. 

From the delicate and soothing guitar riff that leads the verse, he launches into a hook that is quite bold with a real pop sensibility and commercial crossover possibility. Sonically following in the commercial footsteps of Dean Lewis and James Blunt with a Sulfjan Stevens grasp on authenticity, there is an instant pop-folk likability about the sound and feelings he is honing within this song. 

Before the final hook, he breaks the production down for a sweeping and cinematic strings arrangement which is the most perfect thing he could’ve done for this song. 

There is a lot of interesting sonical evolution that occurs within this song and it honestly just makes it one of the most engaging and interesting tracks he’s released so far. 

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