SINGLE REVIEW: Client Liaison – Champagne Affection

Client Liaison is one of the most unique bands in the Australian landscape. Creating their own trends and finding a way to continually live up to their manic originality, the dynamic duo have made a career out of going against the grain and being authentically themselves. 

Placing themselves within a sparkly and polished soundscape of 80’s soaked synth-pop, their discography is full of poignant nostalgia and infectious hooks. 

Following the conclusion of their recent Australian tour where they were celebrating their recent singles ‘The Real Thing’ and ‘The Beat Supreme’, they’ve decided to release another polished little gem to get you in the summer mood. 

‘Champagne Affection’ was a slick track they played during their recent shows and immediately had audiences grooving along to it’s seductively enchanting beat. With the playful vibe of the song, they would spray the crowd with bottles of champagne which was a sticky little gimmick that added a funny charm to their well thought out out and interactive production. 

The studio version of the track is just as smooth and groovy as it’s live counterpart. Introducing itself to listeners with bird sounds and a rhythmic pop beat, they set the foundations for it to have a smart evolution. Leading into the chorus, they layer the tone to have it a little high while they hone that smooth rhythmic feel they were setting up.

It’s a song that continually grows on you with each listen and in contrast to ‘The Real Thing’ and ‘The Beat Supreme’, it’s quite different. It’s not as in your face. Instead it’s very complimentary

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