LIVE REVIEW: Why Don’t We – Fortitude Music Hall

There’s no denying that Why Don’t We are the biggest boyband in the world right now. The self curated American five-piece have had an interesting career which has been defined by social media, streaming and direct interaction. 

The direct line of communication and personalised connection they have with their fans is something quite new to the boyband dynamic as the fans now feel like they know the members on quite a personal level thanks to social media and being able to follow their every move intimately. 

So with this new factor at the forefront of my mind, I was extra taken back by the electric hysteria that erupted when the video introduction for the beginning of the show commenced

Kicking their Australian tour off in Brisbane at the Fortitude Music Hall, they pulled a Houdini and magically appeared on stage standing atop of their little platform risers wearing all black. With little goosebumps appearing on my arms, my excitement was generated by the pure happiness that was exuding from all of the passionate fans around me. 

With the piercing screams turning into passionate singalong’s, the crowd helped the band through the first couple of tracks including ‘Trust Fund Baby’, ‘M.I.A’ and ‘Choose’, while they were a little unsurprisingly taken aback by the level of excitement that was occurring towards them on the other side of the world.

“Brisbane, this is Insane! Welcome to the 8 Letters Tour!” they exclaimed as they looked out to the mostly under 18 and excitingly hysterical crowd. “Ya’ll didn’t come to play, this is crazy” one of them added as they tried to find their words before playing ‘Hard’ and ‘Friends’.  

Following a brief video interlude, they returned to the stage wearing white themed costumes for the smooth ‘In Too Deep’.

With ‘Nobody Gotta Know’, ‘Runner’ and Why Don’t We Just’ sonically continuing the RNB-pop fusion they’ve created, ‘Something Different’ transitioned into a slightly more dance focused soundscape. 

Now dressed in red themed outfits the boys continued their slick choreography as they glided their way across the stage and pointed and interacted to the excited fans who lined up all day in the streets of Fortitude Valley to see them. Their banter throughout the show was honest and directed towards their hardcore fans. But at one point during the show they began plotting how to steal the massive chandelier that was hanging in the venue and taking it home with them for their house. 

Taking a moment to show some of their other talents, they performed a giant mashup  of ‘Taste’, ‘Finesse’, ‘Lucid Dreams’, ‘Middle Child’ and ‘Better Now’ while dropping samples and mixing synths. 

While they are here in Australia, member Corbyn Besson is turing 21 so the band sang happy birthday to him gathered around a cake while they crowd sang along joyfully. 

The costume changes kept coming, and now the colour theme was blue. With their hits ‘Hooked’, ‘8 Letters’ and ‘Come To Brazil’ thrown into the mix, ’What Am I’ saw them stripping the theatrics back and picking up their instruments for another showcase of their raw talent which glues everything together. 

Closing the show with the electric ‘I Don’t Belong In This Club’, which is their hype collaboration with Macklemore, their fans left the venue feeling excited, happy and sad that they had just witnessed Why Don’t We in their own city. 

Showcasing a lot of talent, tight harmonies, slick choreography and premise for a big future, Why Don’t We are only getting started on their global domination.

Check out the full gallery captured by Zac Montgomery Photography HERE;

Photos by Zac Montgomery 

Why Don’t We Australian Tour

Tuesday 26 November – Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne 

Thursday 28 November – Big Top Luna Park, Sydney

Friday 29 November – Spark Arena, Auckland 

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