After spending the last two years extensively touring with Cosmos Midnight as apart of their energetic live show, Asta is finally ready to return to the centre stage as the pop-star she was destined to be. 

It’s been two years since the Tasmanian singer-songwriter released her debut EP ‘Shine’ and it’s obvious that a lot has changed in her world as she welcomes in this new musical evolution. ‘Want You To Know’ is an 80’s inspired pop track with a lot of heart and soul. 

The hopeless romantic track, hears her reflecting on the strong feelings she has developed for someone and all the things she would do to just be with them and to make it known how she feels. “I’d walk the earth to Tokyo. Do anything to get to you. Five thousand miles ain’t going to stop me” she sings during the first verse. Before confessing, “I want you to know I’ve been thinking about you too. I’m tryin’ to find my appetite. I want you to know this is out of my control. Too good it’s so natural” during the catchy hook. 

Sonically, this track is a continuation of the 80’s inspired DIY pop production that ‘Shine’ and ‘Wild Emotion’ injected into her sound, but it’s a lot more bolder and defined this time round. With all the of the synths layered with the nostalgic 80’s samples that reigned the charts and radio by the likes of Whitney Houston and Paula Abdul, there’s a really slick nostalgic feeling to the way the song has been structured. 

It’s a really bold re-introduction that is designed to intrigue listeners with the distinct sound she wants to bring back to her euphoric live shows and wants triple j to embrace whole heartedly. 

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