LIVE REVIEW: Middle Kids – The Tivoli

Middle Kids are currently trekking around Australia on their biggest headlining tour to date. But this tour has been a little extra significant because lead singer Hannah Joy has announced that she’s pregnant and that her and her husband/bandmate Tim Fitz are expecting their first “Middle Kids baby”. 

In true rock n roll fashion, Joy isn’t in the early stages of pregnancy on this tour, no, she is 32 weeks and ready to burst. Taking to the sold out stage at The Tivoli, the Brisbane crowd welcomed the Sydney three piece with full excitement. 

Diving straight into fan favourites ‘Mistake’, ‘Never Start’, ‘Salt Eyes’ and ‘Your Love’, the singalong’s were immediately in full swing. 

This tour was in support of their new EP ‘New Songs For Old Problems’ that the band promptly released only a year after their debut album ‘Lost Friends’. To make sure they celebrated this, they played all six songs throughout their seventeen track setlist. 

For ‘Needle’, Joy took to the keyboard to deliver this more intimate and sedated track that addresses her feelings and anxieties. Before pumping out the anthemic ‘Real Thing’ which along with ‘Beliefs & Prayers’ will undoubtedly become permanent fixtures in their live set because of their commanding energy. 

Taking it back to their debut album and first EP, they want through the favourites like ‘Tell Me Something’, ‘On My Knees’, ‘Marlyland’, ‘Bought It’ and ‘Please’, as well as new tracks ‘Call Me Snowflake’ and ‘Big Softy’. 

The only song missing from their setlist that fans were itching to hear was ‘Lost Friends’ which was the honest track that their debut album was named after. 

Closing the show with the breakthrough hit ‘Edge Of Town’, this was the perfect closer to this chapter of their journey. 

Joy didn’t hold back throughout the whole show even though she was heavily pregnant, which is ultimately super impressive. She was dancing and mildly jumping as she belted through the 90 minute set and even joked to the crowd that she feels like she could give birth at any given moment. 

The production on this tour was very minimalistic compared to their last run around the country. With just some LED lights hanging from the ceiling across the back of the stage, I was hoping for something a little grander after covering the stage with flowers on their last tour. 

Supported by the dreamy Didirri, the exciting rising artist took to the stage by himself for a half an hour set that poignantly showcased his raw talent. Opening with recent single ‘Blue Moon Rising’ which complimented his more blues injected production, he then dived into material from his debut EP ‘Measurements’. 

‘Bird Sounds’, ‘Blind You’ and ‘Worth The Wait’ immediately drew the crowd into his vulnerable world of emotion while his hilariously candid anecdotes highlighted the comedic and quirky side of his personality. His cover of ‘Randy Scouse Git’ from The Monkees always hears him delivery a funny little anecdote about cutting his hair, which spoiler alert, is something he definitely won’t do.

Premiering a new track ‘Raw Stuff’ which he promised will be released soon, he really had the crowd immersed within his emotion in such a genuine way. Closing his set with ‘Jude’ and the perfect singalong track ‘I Can’t Get Last Night Out Of My Head’, he definitely won over some new fans during this set. 

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Photos by Kirsten Roe

Middle Kids will play their final show of the tour at HQ Complex in Adelaide on Thursday 28 November

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