LIVE REVIEW: Lauv – The Tivoli

Lauv is one of the most successful independent artists in the world right now, and with sold out status written over all of his shows in Australia, there are a lot of high expectations for what he is to deliver. But I can safely say that everything about the ‘How I’m Feeling Tour’ goes beyond all expectations with this candid show of pure emotions, big singalong’s and euphoric energy. 

With an unreleased song from his forthcoming debut album blasting through the PA, he finally walked out to the sold out Brisbane crowd at The Tivoli to deafening screams. Opening the show with the dark tones and slick pulsating synths of ‘Drugs & The Internet’, ‘Paris In The Rain’, ‘Paranoid’ and ‘Reforget’, he immediately had the singalong’s in full swing. 

Thanking the crowd for selling out this show and wanting to come get sad with him, he made sure the candid energy remained throughout the show as he told little anecdotes, made funny noises and interacted with the excited crowd. 

Explaining the concept of his debut album, he introduced the many different sides of him and the colours they represented in his journey. And let’s be honest it was unsurprising that ‘Spicy Lauv’ and ‘Fuck Boy Lauv’ got the biggest response from the crowd. 

New tracks ‘Sims’, ‘Feelings’, ‘Mean It’ and ‘Sad Forever’ were sprinkled throughout the set which highlighted the tones and energy that this debut album was going to hold. But he vulnerably performed an unreleased track called ‘For Now’ which he explained was about a long distance relationship. 

For someone who has been in a long distance relationship, this hit close to home as he sung the lyrics “I’m really gonna miss you. But I’m gonna kiss you through the screen” and “next time I see you, I will make sure you never leave. But for now just come home to me”. 

The singalong’s were loud throughout the show with tracks like ‘Fuck I’m Lonely’, ‘I’m So Tired’ and the electric ‘Chasing Fire’ leading the way. But it was also the emotional ‘Getting Over You’ and ‘Superhero’ which also created quite the reaction from the crowd. 

Closing the electric and reflective show with ‘Never Not’ and the breakthrough smash hit ‘I Like Me Better’, he left the crowd on a high and raving about the interactive and highly emotional set he delivered. 

Ever since his debut run of shows in Australia in March last year, Lauv has grown a lot and really found his raw confidence on the stage. With an epic light show leading the production of this show, he also had a giant LED screen which offered some bright and moody visuals to the performance.

But it wasn’t just the actual show itself that Lauv and his team put effort into perfecting, it was also the impressive innovations around the venue that made the show an interactive experience.

From the posters around the venue with a QR code to pre-save his album on Spotify/Apple Music to the competition to win a backstage meet n greet for pre-ordering his album at the merch table, to the Beyond Blue volunteers who were speaking to the crowd and handing out suicide, depression and anxiety prevention information. But one of the coolest things was his “my blue thoughts” pop up section where you could go up and anonymously write your feelings down which encourages people to be honest with themselves. It was a beautiful and interactive sentiment with such great purpose.

Warming up the crowd was Wisconsin newcomer, Carlie Hanson, who was clearly a little excited about tonights show as it also doubled as her first ever Australian performance. Running out to the un-expecting crowd with the DIY tropical breakthrough single ‘Why Did You Lie’, her energy just got even more elevated throughout the set. 

‘Toxins’ and ‘WYA’ saw her energy levels go through the roof as she bounced across the stage and swiftly interacted with her band which helped deliver a rock feel to her sound. The unreleased ‘Is That A Thing?’ was a strong track the immediately stood out with it’s punk-rock energy and slick melodies which have been stuck in my head since Friday night. 

Picking up the guitar for ‘Bored With You’, she showed another side of her artistry before playing the infectious lovesick new single ‘Side Effects’ which is a song you need to keep an eye on as I feel like it could do pretty big things for her with it’s trap injected production. 

Stripping things back to get a little sad with ‘Hazel’ and ‘Cigarettes’ she then lifted the mood with ‘Only One’ and the perfect closer ‘Back In My Arms’. Her energy throughout the 40 minute set was purely captivating and highlighted glimpses of what the future may look for her with her own sold out shows. 

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Photos by Kirsten Roe

Lauv Australian Tour

Sunday 24 November – The Forum, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*

Tuesday 26 November – Astor Theatre, Perth *SOLD OUT*

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