EP REVIEW: Nasty Cherry – Season 1

It’s time to intimately get to know Nasty Cherry. Following the release of their Netflix documentary series ‘I’m With The Band’, the mysterious four piece, curated by Charli XCX, is finally unveiling the full potential of who they are as a band. 

The poignantly titled debut EP ‘Season 1’ is a collection of six tracks that fuse the previously released ‘Win’, ‘Live Forever’ and ‘Music With Your Dad’ with two unreleased tracks and a brief interlude that screams Spice Girls vibes. 

Grappling a very bold and endearing sound, the multi-cultural band bring together the best elements of UK pop and US pop with a mix of the potential future in their seams. 

‘Brain Soup’ is melodically the strongest track on the EP (beside ‘Win’) as it delivers a pure funk that is reminiscent of the slick jamming that Prince injected into his sound with the experimental layering the rest of their material has embodied. 

With the hopelessly romantic lyrics “I’ve got brain soup when I’m with you. Been looking at your hair for so long”, echoing in your head, you can’t help but immediately love this strange but brilliant track about admiration. And if you aren’t won over by that, by the time they start spelling their name out in the Madonna inspired pre-chorus, you will be officially in love. 

On the other end of the spectrum, ‘Fuck Modern Love’ is a angsty anti-love track that gets the dreamy psychic pop treatment. Embracing their feelings, this song sees them being honest as they lose hope. “I’m feeling a little bit mad so I wanna go fast today. I’m gonna get in my car, gonna drive in the other way. I’m screaming, fuck it to modern love”. 

‘Win’ is a song that I feel hasn’t had it’s commercial success yet and is still yet to peak because it’s a track with so much potential, and packs the catchiest hook in the entire collection. Alternatively ‘Live Forever’ is a song that could break them into the triple j market in Australia with their HAIM-esq harmonies and groovy sensibilities that is very on brand right now. 

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