SINGLE REVIEW: Cosmos Midnight feat. Matthew Young – It’s Love

We are currently heading right into the heart of summer. With all of the christmas parties, the weekend road trips to the beach and the long nights out well into fruition, we need some summery anthems to soundtrack our new memories. 

Fresh off a long world tour of sold out shows and massive music festival appearances, Cosmos Midnight is ready to deliver you a new aesthetically pleasing moment in time. 

‘It’s Love’ is a nostalgic filled dance track that is minimalistic at heart but is well produced with how it’s structured and layered. With the groovy production delivering an aesthetic of a summer soaked afternoon, you are instantly placed in a car with a sea breeze and romantic thoughts racing though your mind. 

Collaborating with New Zealand favourite, Matthew Young, they reflect on the different side of love, the toxicity that can occur and the pull we feel to someone. Even though we know that a particular someone isn’t good for us, we still hold on, in the hope that the situation changes. 

As Young reflects on the whiplash of confusion he faced during a break up, he articulates the thoughts he had as he tries to make sense of it. “Like you keep all the shit we bought together and I keep tryna get through the week” he confesses during the first verse before admitting in the hook that love was the reason things turned sour. 

The sun-soaked production is layered with psychedelic dance elements that are ultimately groovy and you can’t help but immediately sway and bounce along to it. A perfect summer anthem about self reflection, love and toxicity in a playful way that isn’t overcooked or too familiar. 

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