SINGLE REVIEW: AJ Mitchell – Unstoppable

It was only two weeks ago that AJ Mitchell dropped one of my favourite synth layered tracks of 2019. ‘Say It Again’ was a pulsating pop song that layered an atmospheric synth during the verses with a 80’s inspired production in the hook with a nostalgically groovy drum and guitar riff leading the way. 

Backing it up with a song that shines a different contrasting light onto his artistry, ‘Unstoppable’ is a moodier RNB flavoured track with trap qualities within the production. 

Leading up to these two releases, Mitchell has been dropping a lot of slow jams and atmospherically oozing RNB-pop moments that highlighted his strong vocal abilities. But now it’s time for him to experiment a little and show the many different sides of his artistry as he discovers who he is while coming into adulthood. 

Taking a playful approach with the production and lyrical delivery, he explains all the dangerous ways that a girl has got him feeling as he is lured into having strong feelings for her quite quickly. “Momma always say don’t fall in love with girls like you but you hit me like a freight train, got me breakin’ all the rules”.

There is just one line that makes me feel a little uncomfortable with the possible triggering nature it could cause within his young fanbase; “Ride or die, let it run. You the gun, suicide”, which I hope he addresses as the line kinda caught me of guard on a first listen. 

With the strong RNB-trap elements, the production is very bouncy and immediately highlights a different side to him that we haven’t heard yet sonically. 

This is yet again another strong moment from AJ Mitchell which is making his debut album ‘Skyview’ a record you need to keep your eyes pealed for in 2020. 

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