SINGLE REVIEW: Tkay Maidza – IDC If U Be Ded

Tkay Maidza is finally showing the world who she really is as an artist in the most authentic way possible. Reflecting on the release of her debut single ‘Brontosaurus’ and all of her bootleg Soundcloud uploads in 2013 to where she is at now with her forthcoming release ‘Last Year Was Weird Vol 2’, is drastically incredible. 

Being on a self discovery journey while navigating adulthood and adapting to being in the public eye isn’t the most ideal concept, and Tkay had to quickly adjust to that lifestyle as she immediately dived into a non-stop touring schedule along with endless recording sessions and business meetings where she was pulled in so many different directions. Confused on who she was as an artist, she released a pop infused rap record that was simply a moment in time piece of work for her. But now she struggles to relate to it as she’s drastically evolved and has bigger things she wants to say in a bolder delivery. 

The ‘Last Year Was Weird’ project has authentically reintroduced who Tkay Maidza is as an artist to listeners, and has seen her diving into her hip-hop roots in an organic approach. From the hype tracks ‘Flexin’ and ‘Awake’ to the reggae flow of ‘Big Things’ and the sultry RNB vibes of ‘White Rose’ and ‘Say It’, she has captured her experimentation and her passions in such a brilliant and artistic way.

Adding to that collection of strong new experimentations is the hype as fuck ‘IDC If U Be Ded’. This track was first teased at the end of her music video for ‘Awake’ and she has ever since been nagged by fans to release the sassy rap track in it’s full entirety. So she’s finally done it and it’s out in the world for your streaming pleasures. 

Learning to not hold back, Tkay dives into this song with full sass and attitude as she makes it known loud and clear that she doesn’t have time for a particular person in her life anymore. Learning to look after herself, she steps away from toxicity and focuses on her own happiness and trajectory, which is the most important thing you can do in this life. 

There are so many strong one-liners in this track which will undoubtedly be quoted all over social media from fans in the near future. From the opening spoken line “I told you so many times, just respect my privacy” to the hyped hook “Don’t you touch my stuff cause you cant mess up with my confidence. Don’t you cross my path, or you gonna suffer from the consequence” to the catchy title phrase “I left your message on read, IDC if you be ded”.

There’s a lot of empowerment vibes that radiate from the basic premise of this song and it’s elevated by the garag-ey hip-hop beats that Dan Farber lays down while Tkay adds her own unique personality over it. 

This is yet another very strong track for Tkay’s discography which perfectly showcases her international potential with the Australian hip-hop artist continually creating tracks that have a very exciting global reach.

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