This new era for HAIM is already shaping up to be their most exciting and authentic release yet. From the psychedelic and dreamy waves of ‘Summer Girl’ to the pulsating pop riffs of ‘Now I’m In It’, the sister trio are ultimately ready to show listeners a more versatile side to their artistry. 

With the levels of their sonical evolution comes a story of reclaiming your vulnerability and learning that it’s not a weakness and instead is actually a strength to even be able to acknowledge it. ‘Hallelujah’ is an emotionally charged track that hears them stripping back their production to a simple guitar riff.

With a folk songwriting sentiment at the roots of this song, they really do lie their hearts at the very foundations. With only their harmonies sonically growing the production, there is a very organic feel to this emotional song. 

Reflecting on the loss of Alana’s best friend, this song dives deep into that state of shock and crippling depression that comes with having to deal with a tragedy like this. “I had a best friend but she has come to pass. One I wish I could see now. You always remind me that memories will last. These arms reach out” she reflects during the second verse. 

This is yet another beautiful showcase of their artistry and whilst it’s not your “typical” HAIM sound, it’s the pure heart that you’ve come to know with a genuine exploration of the moments that make them who they are. 

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