SINGLE REVIEW: The Rubens – Live In Life

Over the past seven years, The Rubens success has been continually hitting an upwards trajectory  while the Sydney five piece evolve within their artistry. 

Experimenting with their sonic and rhythmic layering, the band have been constantly searching for ways that they can grow their sound and not play it safe with what’s helped them top triple j’s Hottest 100 in the past. 

With their fourth studio album on the horizon, the band have decided to experiment with a heavier RNB and hip-hop injected rock sound which shows a completely different side to what they’ve previously highlighted. 

Their recent single ‘Falling Aleep At The Wheel’ was a massive departure sonically to what they’ve released in the past, and now they’re ready to take it one step further. ‘Live In Life’ is a song that croons through a relaxed hip-hop sensibility with their indie beach-pop aesthetic melded into the mix. 

Reflecting on the drastic stages of grief during a break-up, lead singer Sam Margin gets sentimental and emotionally torn as he ponders the big decisions he’s made. But while he deeply reflects, he realises that all of these moments are the ones that make him human. “Baby I’m fine, kinda want to die and I kinda want to live in life. Think I’m gonna live in life” 

The production cruises along with a laid back attitude as Margin focuses on allowing his dreamy vocals to play at the forefront of this song. With them holding back on the production, I was expecting the sonic to change as they lifted into the chorus, but instead they stay true to the origins of this song. 

Sonically it’s very different to their previous material, but there is still a strong essence of who they are as a band.

4 Replies to “SINGLE REVIEW: The Rubens – Live In Life”

    1. It’s the tile track from the movie Grease

    2. Parts of Live in Life strongly remind me of Royksopp’s What Else Is There, which itself contains a number of samples from 70s tracks. If you ever see this I’d be interested to know if you figured out which song you were thinking of 🙂

  1. This song is still firmly on my favourites playlist a year later. I came here today as I was trying to figure out if it was a song about suicide, which I think it is – but with a last minute change of mind by the protagonist.

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