SINGLE REVIEW: Taylor Swift – Beautiful Ghosts

Caught in a lot of controversy surrounding the rights to her back catalogue and the shady business men who are gripping onto her brand, Taylor Swift has had a bit of a crazy week. While she’s spoken up about the unfair treatment and abuse she’s received, she’s trying to keep it all about the music and her artistry. 

In the lead up to the release of the Cats live action film, Swift has written an original new song that is performed by a young new cat, Victoria, who dreams of the long life full of memories that Grizabella has endured. The song poignantly occur afters Grizabella performs ‘Memory’ and has been created to give the films soundtrack an original standing point of difference. 

To promote the soundtrack, she has performed a version of ‘Beautiful Ghosts’ which also serves as the first opportunity of hearing the new song. Unlike most film soundtracks, she hasn’t restructured this version to be a “pop” version or a “mainstream” edit. Instead she’s stayed true to the production roots and has lended her vocals to the delivery. 

So because of that, this song doesn’t have radio potential and without the context of the storyline and cinematic visuals, the song feels a little flat. The substance is there but the delivery is lost within the isolated nature. 

However there is some beautiful lyrical imagery that ties together elements of the storyline which if you are similar with the story, then you will understand. “At least you have something, something to cling to. Visions of dazzling rooms I’ll never get let into. And the memories were lost long ago but at least you have beautiful ghosts”.

But I can’t help wanting more from the “exciting new original ballad written by Taylor Swift”. Because I was expecting an ‘I’ll Never Love Again’ from A Star Is Born type of moment from this underwhelming track. 

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