SINGLE REVIEW: Billie Eilish – Everything I Wanted

At this stage I get the feeling that Billie Eilish is just trying to show everyone that she can do everything. From releasing a string of singles and videos to releasing her debut album and non-stop touring the globe with her electric live show that embodies a lot of empowerment, Eilish has somehow found time to also write and release a new single. 

‘Everything I Wanted’ is the singer-songwriters’s first new release since her highly acclaimed debut album ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’. The cinematically inclined dreamy indie-pop song has a lot of interesting layers to it. The pulsating synths are very minimalistic and allows her soft and delicate vocals to become the glue to the centre piece. 

After the success of ‘Bad Guy’ it would’ve been easy and predictable for her to release a bold indie-pop track that is so abstract and demanding with a big hook. But she decided to be that anti-pop star and give a track that will struggle on commercial radio because of it’s delicate elements that would fade away through the transmission. 

Reflecting on her relationship with her brother (and producer) FINNEAS, Eilish cites how he’s always there for her and how he’s the one person in the world she needs more than anything else. It also takes a dark spin with her anxiety appearing within the lyrics and she starts questioning the level of happiness within that moment. 

“I had a dream I got everything I wanted. Not what you’d think and if I’m being honest it might’ve been a nightmare” she confesses during the opening lines. 

This song immediately stands out because of it’s dreamy and soothing elements. The dark elements surrounding the theme help build the minimalistic hook and layer everything to be uniquely interesting.

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