G FLIP has grown a lot, not only as an artist but also as a live performer. With her live show having to quickly adapt to the increasing public interest in her music, this tour marks her third consecutive sold out headlining tour and see’s her yet again upgrading to bigger venues. 

In support of her debut album ‘About Us’, the Melbourne singer-songwriter has created a 90 minute show that dives deep into the evolution of her music, allows her to experiment with different renditions and production quirks within her back catalogue and gives her a platform to show the different sides of her personality through her hilariously honest banter. 

Over the weekend she returned to Brisbane for two sold out shows at The Triffid and treated the excited audience with two unique nights of polished indie-pop with a genuine vulnerability still centred at the heart of it all.

Opening the show with a big drum solo, she dived straight into the song that started it all, ‘About You’ which immediately ignited the singalong’s from the ecstatic crowd. 

“Brissy!” she exclaimed as she looked out to the screaming faces. Taking a moment to soak in the energy, she genuinely looked just as excited to be there. Welcoming them to the album release tour she admitted that she hopes everyone had listened to the album and liked it, otherwise the next 90 minutes could’ve been a little awkward for them. But luckily for her, everyone in the crowd were definitely happy with the record and excited to see it translated into the live show. 

Leading into the anthemic ‘Lover’ and the infectious ‘Stupid’, the energy in the venue immediately  felt electric. Segueing the show into different portions she was was able to create different moods and allowed herself to get a bit more sentimental during ‘Morning’, ‘Bring Me Home’ and the hopeful anthem ‘I Am Not Afraid’. It was in these particular songs that the strong power behind her vocals were highlighted, and let me just say, the girl can sing! 

With only one album out in the world, she wanted to premiere some new songs throughout the show to preview where her sonical evolution was heading towards. ‘You And I’ was a groovy straight up love track while ‘2016 Tour Song’ was an hilarious recount of all the mischief she got up to in her old band in America. But there was one particular new song that stole the show. 

‘Hyperfine’ is a bonafide future hit for her. Reflecting on the times we say we are “fine” in a relationship but don’t actually mean it, she captures the perfect amount of sass and emotion from these very real moments. The chorus is one of her catchiest hooks yet and I’m still singing it in my head from seeing it live once. 

With the upgrade of venues came an upgrade in production. With two giant banners and a fierce lighting rig, she was truly able to give a live show that felt special. Her technologically savvy drum kit which has a LED screen built into it even got it’s own little showcase during her electrifying drum solo. Mashing up her solo with tracks like ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’, ’London Bridge’ and ‘In The Air Tonight’ she had the audience smiling ear to ear. 

Admitting that she’s not a fan of encores and refuses to do them she encouraged the crowd to go crazy during the final few songs and really embrace the short amount of time they had together, and they did. 

Dancing along to ‘Killing My Time’ and an unexpected cover of ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl?’ from Jet, she even got two audience members on stage to play some tambourines she stole from her school in year 12. Closing the whole show with an extended version of ‘Drink Too Much’, she left the crowd in a euphoric state. 

G FLIP is a born entertainer and this show proved that. With the theatrical production elements integrated into the sonical substance, she created a show that felt fresh and exciting from start to finish. 

Check out the full gallery captured by Tayla Sudall Photography BELOW;

Photos by Tayla Sudall 

G FLIP Australian Tour

Thursday 21 November – Metro Theatre, Sydney *SOLD OUT*

Friday 22 November – Metro Theatre, Sydney *SOLD OUT*

Thursday 28 November – The Croxton Bandroom *SOLD OUT*

Friday 28 November – The Croxton Bandroom *SOLD OUT*

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