SINGLE REVIEW: R3HAB feat. ZAYN & Jungleboi – Flames

Over the past couple of years R3HAB has been making quite the name for himself in the EDM world. Producing a lot of well streamed and acclaimed remixes, the success of his solo singles ‘Lullaby’ and ‘All Around The World (La La La) as well as featuring at massive festivals across the world, his brand has been continually growing. But now he’s ready to step into the commercial spotlight. 

‘Flames’ is his biggest collaboration to date and hears him teaming with ex One Direction member, ZAYN for an explosively dark dance track. 

Reflecting on the toxic reflections we can have on ourselves, ZAYN warns his new love interest to not get to attached as he will eventually just hurt them. “Don’t get too close cause I’m a rolling stone. And I keep rolling on. You better run from me before I take your soul” he sings during the opening verse. 

It has a soulful flare to the production with gospel inspired harmonies that elevates the EDM nature of the song and will grab an intensive hold on the listener. There are so many layers to this song which go further beyond the experimentation R3HAB has done previously through his music. 

There is a Sam Smith, Conrad Sewell and James Arthur essence to the vocal production with this track that immediately allows Zayn’s natural talent to take centre stage and it’s very dominating. 

It’s a gritty and strong sound that works so well, and R3HAB has really smashed the delicate contrasting so well. 

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