SINGLE REVIEW: Lauv feat. LANY – Mean It

LAUV is one of the leading musical innovators surrounding honesty within his lyrics. The Los Angeles singer-songwriter is very transparent about his feelings, emotions and insecurities through his music and is leading the way for a new legion of artists to leave the mysterious metaphors behind and be more direct within their creative approach. 

Following his collaborations with Julia Michaels, Troye Sivan and Anne Marie who are all embracing the transparent musical future in their own ways, he’s teamed up with another rising musical innovator. 

LANY are a band who have embraced their “sad boy indie-pop” branding and have delivered two unique albums of reflective emotions. For their hyped collaboration, LANY and LAUV have delivered a song that is all about the things he imagines someone would want to say to him. 

Admitting he isn’t perfect, he reflects on those flaws and creates a beautiful lyrical reflection about the feelings and actions that are generated from his anxiety. 

“Small talk, no conversation. That look makes me impatient. I can’t tell what you’re thinking. Please, tell me what you’re thinking. Last night, we were more than fine. Just tell me if you changed your mind” he sings during the scene setting first verse. 

Adding LANY into the mix, they add a contrasting and moody layering that perfectly collides their two distinct indie-pop sounds together. However there is definitely more of a dreamy LANY touch to the production which is lead by a pulsating synth which provides a good rhythmic touch to the song. 

However this collaboration is exactly how I expected it to sound. There was no element of surprise or real experimentation as they both just relied on the safe security of their classic strengths. I would’ve instead liked to have heard them both strip everything back and emotionally deliver a ballad that was heartbreakingly raw and fragile. But I guess there is always a next time?

Now he just needs to collaborate with Sasha Sloan. Can we wish that into existence? 

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