SINGLE REVIEW: Khalid – Up All Night

Khalid is an artist that never seems to stop working. From touring, collaborating and spinning out new tracks, the Texan singer-songwriter has got his feet firmly cemented in the world he wants to be in. As a creator he is connecting to an audience that is so supportive and in-sync with the message he wants to put out in the world. 

While he’s currently on his huge arena world tour, he’s decided to drop a hype new track which is all about living in the moment and being present to what is happening around you. 

Immersing himself into the mumble singing delivery that hip-hop is currently honing, this song loses some of that genuine connection through the lack of vocal clarity and aesthetic cohesiveness. Opening the song with the confessional lyrics “Take me round the world and back again. As I’m searching for my soul out there”, you don’t actually get to clearly hear the story that is being laid out for you. 

It’s because of this that the song doesn’t make the big impact it deserves to. The chorus has a catchy groove to it which will have you wanting to sway along. But you still cant help but want more from it. The impact deserves to be bigger and the layering of the pre-chorus starts to make you believe something big is coming but it kinda just rolls on. 

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