San Cisco are officially back and are ready to get groovy. It’s been a little while between releases for the Fremantle three piece, and they are really excited to showcase new sides of them through an eclectic range of material. 

Their first new single ‘Skin’ is a shiny affair, polished with pure nostalgia and emotionally reflective lyrics. Blending together pure 80’s nostalgia with chilled out aesthetics and a sassy outlook on heartbreak,the attitude is there but so is the tender vulnerability.

It’s an emotionally charged song that has a lot of strong and quotable lyrics. But it’s the catchy chorus that really strikes a cord and gives you pure nostalgia and reflection intertwined with a pulsating synth production and strong rhythmic melody.

To celebrate the new single, the band will be hitting the road later this month for an exclusive and intimate tour of the country. With 4/6 shows already sold out, it’s quickly becoming one of the most anticipated tours remaining this year. 

I recently to spoke to lead singer, Jordi Davieson from San Cisco about the creative process behind their shiny new single ‘Skin’, explored the heartbreaking sentiments of the song and found out whose hairy chest is featured on the single artwork. Check it out BELOW;

TB: Your new single ‘Skin’ hears the band blending together pure 80’s nostalgia with chilled out dreamy aesthetics. So reflecting on the creative process, what was inspiring the direction this song headed in?

JD: Honestly, ‘Skin’ went through so many different iterations. It started off being really rock driven and quick. Josh and I were writing it and we took it to the studio with Scarlett and our producer Steve and tried to push it further. They were really digging it but they encouraged us to slow it right down and try a whole different angle with it. 

I started to sing the exact same lyrics with a slightly different melody in a slinky and more chilled out delivery and it just worked. That’s how it started to go down that sonical road and everyone was on board with it from there. 

TB: So it was more of an intricate affair of building it piece by piece instead of just naturally and quickly coming together?

JD: Well once we figured out that it should be slow and that my vocal delivery should be slinky like it is, then everything else just fell into place. 

It’s often once you find the first bit that really clicks that everything else just happens. It really is hard to find that first connection though. 

TB: One thing that immediately grabbed my attention about this song was the lyrics with how you sassily interpolate a raw perspective on heartbreak. So what is your favourite lyric from the song and why?

JD: Without sounding like a dickhead, I honestly love all these lyrics *laughs*. 

I think the one lyric that wasn’t in the original song that we added later actually turned out to be one of the most important ones as it’s now the hook. I wrote “your skin on my skin, is what I’ve been missing” down on my phone and it was just something that instantly clicked with me and I knew I had the story from there. 

Another good one is “I swear the more I loved you, the further you pushed me away” because I feel like I was saying that a lot in the situation I was in and felt it a lot. The harder you try and the further you push it does not help at all because the person is going to ultimately decide what they’re doing any way. 

TB: So lyrically the track reflects on being left by a partner that was meant to be “forever” which is emotionally quite tough to go through. So what is a piece of advice you have for anyone going through a similar gut-wrenching break up at the moment? 

JD: It’s a hard one because you can’t really make a blanket statement as it’s very case by case. But what I would say is sometimes you just need to accept that this is happening because it’s probably got more to do with them than you. But then you’ve probably done some shitty stuff as well, so it’s probably your fault too *laughs*. You’ve just got to trust the process of love and you will learn something really good from it. Take it as a positive thing and an opportunity to grow. 

TB: ’Skin’ is a bold track to return to the spotlight with, so why did the band end up deciding on this song being the right direction to reintroduce yourselves with?

JD: It was one of the first songs during the writing process that we all fell in love with and felt that it was something really different. 

We haven’t released anything in a while, and we’ve been around for fucking ages so we really wanted to do something different and switch it up. We have a bit of game plan now and this is really the first part of it. 

TB: Now I have to ask, whose hairy chest is on the single cover for ‘Skin’? 

JD: *Laughs*, That’s my hair chest! 

TB: What was the idea behind this aesthetic? And moving forward how are you wanting to represent this new chapter of music visually and aesthetically? 

JD: We did this photo shoot and we were talking about what we could with it and I came up with the idea of cropping some photos and making the single artwork from that. So I zoomed in on a photo and cropped it and I just thought that photo worked so well because of all the lines, reflections and colours in it. 

It wasn’t really about the hairy chest but it just worked well I guess *laughs*. We are just trying to take things up to a new level not just sonically and in our live show but with all of the visuals too. 

I like to reference something called a ‘rock suit’ and what i mean by that is having an outfit exclusively for when yo hit the stage instead of just wearing your every day clothes. This is because I find it helps you turn into a character on stage and bring a different sort of energy. So I’m definitely looking for a new “stage suit” for this era. I have some ideas for the uniform per say but still playing with it. 

TB: San Cisco are hitting the road in November and December for an exclusive string of intimate shows. What songs from your back catalogue are you excited to play around with sonically on this tour and maybe give listeners a fresh new perspective with?

JD: We have been working on a few different new parts within the old songs to revamp them, but on this tour we are actually going to be playing quite a few new songs off the upcoming record which haven’t been played live yet, so I am really excited for that. 

TB: That’s so exciting! What new song are you most nervous to play to audiences for the first time? 

JD: Yeah, so that’s been our main focus for this upcoming tour as we want to show people what we’ve been working on. I think we are playing three new songs as well as ‘Skin’ which are all very different. 

There is this song called ‘Gone’ which is like a song we’ve never written before. It’s like a spaghetti western song with a riding through the desert on a horse sort of vibe. 

The other song is called ‘Alone’ which is a nice track that is well written and has a good message. It starts off with an acoustic guitar and kicks into this really rock beat that has a cool groove to it. 

I hope I remember how to play them *laughs*. 

TB: Why was it important to you guys as a band to play intimate shows to kickstart this next chapter instead of just diving deep into touring? 

JD: We’ve been off the radar for a little while so I think it’s really nice to go in and place these nice intimate shows that are uniquely different to big shows. 

Instead of playing these one off big shows we are going to be playing a little run of smaller shows before working our way up to bigger venues. Because we’ve only released one new song so far, I think it would be really cool to release a few more tracks before doing a big venue tour and go all out with the production when we have something bigger to offer. 

TB: Let’s play a little game of rapid fire questions where I’m going to ask you some questions that you just need to answer with the first thing that comes to mind. You ready?

JD: I think so *laughs*

TB: Our pre show pump up song is…

JD: We have so many! Sometimes we listen to the band America but Scarlett gets a little sick of that. So we listen to really poppy-dance stuff like Ariana Grande instead. 

TB: Pineapple on pizza is…

JD: If it’s done properly then it’s okay, but I’m not hellbent on it!

TB: The messiest member of San Cisco on tour is…

JD: When Nick comes on tour it’s him! It’s definitely not Josh as he’s the cleanest person around *laughs*. Otherwise it’s probably between Scarlett and me! 

TB: Most mornings I…

JD: Am tired and on my way to the beach 

TB: The emoji that best describes our new single ‘Skin’ is…

JD: The cowboy hat smiley face! 

‘Skin’ is out now!

San Cisco Australian Tour

Wednesday 27 November – The Zoo, Brisbane *SOLD OUT*

Thursday 28 November – The Espy, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*

Friday 29 November – The Jive, Adelaide *SOLD OUT*

Saturday 30 November – The Cambridge, Newcastle

Sunday 1 December – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney *SOLD OUT*

Friday 6 December – Badlands Bar, Perth

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