Genes is the musical project from exciting Australian newcomer, Maddy Rowe. The Townsville based singer-songwriter has been working in the shadows for a little while now with the likes of Young Franco, Maribelle, Sam Bluer, Kilter and Donatachi. Immersing herself in the art of collaboration, she has been helping create some little pop-bops with her friends which she has been quietly dancing along to. But now it’s time for her to step into the spotlight and show everyone who she is as an artist and who Genes is as a musical project. 

‘Give It Away’ is a strong debut single that dives deep into the pop soundscape that she envisions herself being apart of. Inspired by the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen and Sigrid, this song embodies those strong pop sentiments and hears her giving you some strong pulsating and rhythmic synths. 

With an 80’s influence underlining the production, this song will really have you immediately dancing along. But when you dive deeper into the structure of the song you will notice that there is a dark contrast between the emotional lyrical content and the carefree pop production she intoxicates you with. 

Reflecting on a toxic relationship, she dances around the intense craving you have for that special someone during a break-up. Even though you know it didn’t work out for a reason, you can’t help but miss them and think of them through every lyric of a song. “I am sick of getting wasted on the thought of you not with me. I don’t wanna be lonely” she candidly sings during the opening lines of ‘Give It Away’. 

Getting a little more playful during the synth-tastic hook, she admits that she would give everything away for a second chance to try make things right. “So for you I’d give it away” she layers with the really slick pop beat that is produced by Maribelle. 

‘Give It Away’ is a really strong debut for Genes as it finds the perfect mixture between emotional substance within the lyrics and a polished pop production that is euphorically engaging and will have you wanting to dance your problems away. It also sets a strong foundation for her to dive deeper into this sound and get a little bit experimental. 

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