LIVE REVIEW: Grinspoon – Fortitude Music Hall

Grinspoon have had a long career that spans over 24 years, and one thing that has defined their longevity as artists is their ability to deliver one of the biggest and best Australian rock shows. That’s a true testament to them and the hard work they’ve put in to continually grow their live show and push themselves out of their comfort zone. And if you still think that’s a big statement to make, then their recent ‘Chemical Hearts Tour’ is current proof that they are worthy of that status. 

Wrapping up the highly acclaimed tour in Brisbane with two sold out shows at The Fortitude Music Hall, they were ready to get a little crazy and finish this tour on a high.

With a giant white curtain hanging in front of the stage, a projection of a glittery pink heart pulsated as the lights dimmed and the amps were switched on. With the curtain dropping to reveal the Lismore four piece shredding ‘DCX3’, it was quickly noticeable that they weren’t the only ones on stage with someone dressed up as a giant love heart dancing around lead singer Phil Jamieson. 

Commanding the audiences attention immediately, Jamieson led the crowd into a setlist of all the fan favourites and hits that made up their recent Vinyl pressed greatest hits ‘Chemical Hearts’. ‘Lost Control’, ‘Sickfest’, ‘Just Ace’, ‘Pedestrian’, ‘Secrets’ and the anthemic ‘Hard Act To Follow’ lead the way with big singalong’s and ecstatic smiles from the crowd as well as as some early crowd surfers who were keen on getting airborne. 

“Hello Brisbane! Welcome to the Chemical Hearts Tour” Jamieson screamed to the excited crowd who were already double parked with beers and sweating from jumping up and down. 

With a giant logo backdrop draped across the back of the stage, an incredible lighting rig transformed their visuals and had you highly impressed by the level of production they packed into the show. But they were only just getting started. 

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of their sophomore record ‘Easy’, and to celebrate this milestone the band took a moment to play some favourites from the record including ‘Rock Show’, ‘Ready 1’ and ‘Better Off Dead’ which the crowd were super stoked about. 

Jamieson pulled a Houdini hallway through the show and ended up at the back of the venue at a b-stage for an acoustic rendition of ‘Sweet As Sugar’ which allowed him to get up-close and personal with everyone.

Running back to the main stage during ‘Bad Funk Stripe’ they rolled right into ‘Black Friday’, ‘Post Enebriated Anxiety’ and ‘1000 Miles’ which saw the logo backdrop disappearing to reveal another full lighting rig which stepped the production level up yet again. 

As they creeped to the end of the set Jamieson took a moment to share his infatuation with the crowd. “What an amazing crowd. Fucking hell Brisbane” he humbly proclaimed. Leaving the stage briefly, they returned for an encore performance of ‘Chemical Heart’ before igniting the circle pits with ‘Champion’ and ‘More Than You Are’. 

Walking off stage with confetti filling the air, they successfully proved to Brisbane why they deserve to have the status of one of Australia’s best rock bands. It was a show full of pure rock hits, captivating production and genuine and raw interaction.

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Photos by Tam Schilling

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