LIVE REVIEW: Client Liaison – The Tivoli

Client Liaison are one of Australia’s most unique acts. Their sound is like no one else’s in the market, and that is because their sonic and aesthetic is drawn from the mid 80’s where synths ruled and everything was glittery, neon and honestly just great. 

This mysterious dynamic duo have always delivered a very innovative live show full of big theatrics and slick soundscapes. From playing huge festival sets like Splendour In The Grass and bringing out Tina Arena as well as running their own touring festival called Expo Liaison which featured John Farnham and a whole lot of pyro, costume changes and dancers, they have continually pushed boundaries in the live space. 

For this tour, they wanted to strip it back to be just about the music and their dynamic as a band. But let’s be honest, nothing about this tour was ever going to be just “simple” or “stripped back”. 

Closing the national run of dates in Brisbane at The Tivoli, the crowd packed in for a night of dancing, groovy vibes and big singalong’s. With a big LED screen at the back of the stage with two pieces of material with lights fixtures draped from either side, a disco ball hung form the roof and elevated platforms with bulb lights decorated around them already highlighted that this show was going to be a little “extra”. 

With synths announcing their arrival, the duo appeared at the back of the stage proclaiming “you are the future” propaganda before sliding into ‘Strictly Business’ and ‘Wild Life’. 

“What a time to be alive” Lead vocalist Monte Morgan boasts as he looked out at the screaming crowd. Confessing that tonight’s show was the last stop of the tour, they made sure they were aware that they were ready to go extra hard, and the crowd were willing to meet them there with that level of energy. 

With a setlist mostly compiled of fan favourites, they always wanted to test the waters by playing their new single ‘Champagne Affection’ which they hinted was to be released “soon”. The rhythmic beat of the track is slick but it doesn’t immediately stick unlike recent singles ‘The Real Thing’ and ‘The Beat Supreme’. It’s a song that does slowly grow on you and will be one that relies on the energy the studio version embodies to whether it connects or not. But they did eventually win the crowd over with it once they sprayed them with bottles of champagne. 

Whereas they also played another new song called ‘Cold To Touch’ which created a bigger impact with it’s late 90’s and early 2000’s beat drop which was packed with nostalgia and was a little darker around the edges. 

Setting the standard high for the show, Monte kept the costume changes rolling throughout the show from sparkly silver suits to sequin jackets, the outfits from ‘The Beat Supreme’ video and a patterned two piece. It was all very high fashion, which is expected from two guys who also run their own clothing line. 

Not afraid to jump into the crowd and get extra up close and personal, the whole band grooved across the stage to ‘Off White Limousine’, ’Queen’, ‘Free Of Fear’, ‘Survival In The City’ and a cover of Madison Avenues ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’. 

Thanking the crowd for an amazing last night, they returned for ‘World Of Our Love’ and the anthem ‘The Real Thing’, but it was obvious that they weren’t ready to leave just yet. Looking around at the ecstatic crowd, they stayed on stage and officially closed the show with a cover of Kool & The Gang’s ‘Celebration’ which was as perfect as it sounds.

It was a live show that had it all. Cool theatrics, a dazzling light show, a slick setlist a commanding band and a whole lot of personality. Client Liaison are born performers and they may have just delivered the best Australian live show of the year.

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