2019 has been a really quiet year in the release territory for XIRA. The Sydney singer-songwriter has been in the studio collaborating with other artists while also juggling the creative process of her own material and the craziness of personal life with getting married. It’s all the highs and lows of life that continue to inspire her and are setting the foundations for the next chapter in her musical career. 

Wanting to tackle stereotypes and the misconceptions that society encourages, XIRA wanted to highlight her return to the spotlight with a bright and playful song that attacked this concept in a tasteful and sassy way.

‘Not A Tomboy’ perfectly captures that heart and sass and will have you grooving along to the distinctive indie-pop sound she’s injected. Oozing a sound that is reminiscent of Julia Michaels and Fletcher, her raspy pop vocals have a slick polish has a lot of character and truly defines the vibe of the song.

Reflecting on the misconception of girls that like wearing sneakers and pants, she takes back the stereotype that she’s not a tomboy, she’s just a girl that likes what she likes to wear. It’s pretty simple, but people like to constantly give negative connotations and opinions on their personal opinion on what clothes and style means.

“Don’t call me pretty, don’t call me cute. I’ve got all these other attributes” she sings as she reclaims her confidence before confidently segueing into the sassy and catchy hook. “Girls, pants wearing, sneaker wearing, girls. Bare faced, ain’t brushed their hair girls”.

‘Not A Tomboy’ is a strong return for XIRA and perfectly continues her honest approach to songwriting and reclaims her confidence.

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