SINGLE REVIEW: The Veronicas – Ugly

In the lead up to the release of their highly anticipated fourth studio album, The Veronicas have teamed up with MTV for an exclusive reality TV series that explores the last year of their lives and the creative process behind this record. 

‘Blood Is For Life’ premiered on MTV earlier tonight and saw the Brisbane twins addressing the year they didn’t talk due to a toxic relationship Jessica was in at the time, the release of ‘Think Of Me’ and a hilarious doctors appointment. But to tie in with the exciting debut, they’ve decided to release the pulsating theme song as a little gift to the fans.

‘Ugly’ is a hypnotic pop track that candidly addresses their year apart from each other and looks at the heavy refection they had as to how it all happened. “How’d we get so ugly? After all this time. How’d we get so ugly? You know blood is for life” they sing during the pulsating hook which has this dominating and captivating essence. 

Opening the song with a laid back synth layered with smooth harmonies and finger snaps, the layering of synths gets bolder as the pulsating energy ignites during the hook. It’s such a fresh sound for them and has a perfect mix of nostalgia and modern electro pop. 

The lyrics are quite confessional as Lisa questions during the first verse how Jess could’ve walked away after everything. “How can you honestly say I don’t have your back? I am the one who was always right there to pick up the pieces. You cried in my arms every time you were attacked, I’ve never felt so low”. And in classic Veronicas tradition that throw a little subtle shade and sass with the lyric “you trade your diamonds for rubies, don’t know why you do this when I’m always on your side”, which is quite self explanatory. 

This song pays homage to them re-discovering their strength within each other and embracing their relationship within new light. It also serves as the theme song for the TV show which is ultimately perfect. 

Oh, did I also mention it’s a straight fire banger? 

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