SINGLE REVIEW: Panic! At The Disco – Into The Unknown

I’m always a little confused why musicals try to do a big pop version of a song as a lead single before the film comes out because the original version always ends up doing 20x better on radio, streaming and charts. For example look at ‘Let It Go’ from the first Frozen film, does anyone even remember the Demi Lovato version? Even Kesha’s fierce version of ‘This Is Me’ from The Greatest Showman got over throned by the original. So it feels a little pointless to really invest in doing this with a movie of such high profile because I can already tell the Idina Menzel version is going to be the inferior.  

But in classic Disney style, they had to get a “big” name to try create some buzz and they strategically brought Panic! At The Disco on board for this first taste of Frozen 2. 

‘Into The Unknown’ is a epic pop ballad that has a rhythmic rock edge that Panic! At The Disco manage to flesh out within this theatrical rock take. However it just sounds a little odd for them because the lyrical content is lost on their listeners and doesn’t make a lot of sense without the storyline from the film. Where as ‘Let It Go’ still made a significant sense within the adaption. 

The strength from Brendon Urie is there, but I think it still could have been expanded further and taken to a even more theatrical glam rock place as the potential is there. But instead it just sounds like a straight cover of what we are going to hear from Idina Menzel instead of a sonic adaption. 

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