SINGLE REVIEW: MUKI – I Know What I Like (Ikwil)

Look I’m just going to say it, Muki is a force to be reckoned with. The Sydney singer-songwriter has been quietly collaborating with the likes of Jessica Mauboy, The Veronicas and Slayyyter on their new releases as well as touring alongside Kilter. But on top of all of this, she has been working on her return into the spotlight as a solo artist. 

‘I Know What I Like (Ikwil) is her first release in over a year since her debut EP ‘It Won’t Hurt’ and hears her adding some new layers of growth to her PC pop sound. 

In 2017 when Muki released ‘Sassaparilla’ it’s safe to say she was a head of the times. With PC music and the commercial influences of K-pop not being as dominant as they are now, her sound is officially on trend. But it would be predictable if she was to just release another PC-pop song that heard her recycling her sassy ideas behind ‘Friends Don’t Make Out’ and ‘Gold Oxygen’. So she’s switched it up and delivered a song that embodies a fresh pop sensibility.

‘I Know What I Like (Ikwil) is Muki’s most commercially suiting song yet and also holds one of her catchiest hooks. But here’s a disclaimer; it’s a grower. After a first listen you will intrigued by the pulsating synths and the PC-pop elements, but a second listen will send you overboard into your love affair with her. 

This is a song that needs to be heard through headphones as there are so many intricate production quirks that aren’t as abrasive as her previous releases and are delicately layered into the sound. But it also then needs to embraced by a full sound-system affair and sang on the top of your lung because it is an unapologetic bouncy banger. 



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