SINGLE REVIEW: Lara Andallo – Said&Done

Australia’s rising RNB star, Lara Andallo is proving to be an artist you need to keep an eye on. Adding to her continuous string of singles that have already received over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone, the Sydney singer-songwriter has a new song to get acquainted with.

‘Said&Done’ is a groovy RNB track that cites a heavy influence from the early material of the likes of Tinashe and Kehlani. During it’s brief duration, the song manages to immediately grab your attention and deliver it’s strong empowerment message. 

Reflecting on doing the things that you want in life and the things that make you feel good, she uses the example of getting ready for a night out and really feeling the confidence exuberating from your body.

“I’m all dressed up, my make up on, feeling fly. So no one gonna kill my vibe. When it’s all said and done I’m going out, your mine”. 

The bouncy production immediately has you feeling that raw confidence with the playful nature shining through her lyrics and vocal delivery. She yet again proves that she can continue to roll out strong RNB tracks with a pop sensibility that is filling a void in the Australian RNB market which has been missing for a very long time. 

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