SINGLE REVIEW: Kelsea Ballerini – Club

Kelsea Ballerini has successfully kicked off her new era of music with the empowering and emotional lead single ‘Homecoming Queen?’ which addressed social stigmas and personal anxieties. Opening up to listeners about her struggles with always not being okay and feeling like she had to put a mask on through social media, she endeavours to be more transparent. 

With her third studio album slated for a early 2020 release, the Nashville singer-songwriter has dropped another new song that opens up about another side of her. ‘Club’ addresses her dislike of nightclubs and the tacky scene they promote. Instead of spending dark and seedy nights in a club full of fake connections she wants to have drinks with her friends, listen to some music and share genuine moments which to be honest is VERY relatable. 

I’m 25 years old and I’ve had my club days but I quickly got bored of those expensive and long nights out when I realised it was just a temporary high built off expectation and fake connections. Instead I started to focus on going to more live music and hanging out with friends in more social situations because those are the ones that actually mean something and aren’t driven by egos. And that is exactly what Ballerini addresses in this track. 

“I don’t wanna go to the club. I don’t wanna watch everybody around me try to hook up and say stuff they don’t mean. And get drunk and get cheap” she confesses during the validating hook that explains you don’t HAVE to enjoy going out and being around that social expectation. 

Layering that sentiment over an acoustic driven country-pop production, she builds on the sonical idea by polishing out smooth pop melodies. It has a similar structure to the likes of ‘Legends’ and ‘Yeah Boy’ with how it evolves and is a grower in the soundscape. It also sits in that familiar sound that you’ve become quite acquainted with from her during her more romantic and tender moments which some people may find predictable. But something tells me that she’s only just warming listeners up for what she’s really got in store. 

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