SINGLE REVIEW: Hot Chelle Rae – I Hate LA

It’s been eight years since Hot Chelle Rae released their sophomore studio album ‘Whatever’. In that time they released two songs that didn’t chart which resulted in them going their seperate ways and then lead singer Ryan Follese debuted a country side project which kinda took everyone by surprise.

But in the growing ages of respect for nostalgia and fun pop, there has become a demand for Hot Chelle Rae to make a comeback, and so they’ve decided to return. 

‘I Hate LA’ is exactly what you expect from the title. It’s a tacky and cheesy pop-rock song that feels like they are just trying to re-create the success of ‘Tonight Tonight’. I knew that this lead single would have a pop gimmick attached to try get a hold of radio attention again, but I was hoping they would step back in time and reignite their roots behind songs like ‘I Like To Dance’ as they would have more of a shot commercially with that song than ‘Tonight Tonight’ in this current market. 

There’s literally no substance to the song. It’s just them complaining about LA in the least compelling way possible. They could’ve at least poked fun of LA culture or been a bit adventurous with their approach but it’s straight forward in the worst way possible. “Every time I drive the PCH I wanna cry. And I know I sound dramatic but it makes me wanna die. How could you go ruin a whole city in a day? I hate LA”. 

There’s nothing about this song that makes me want to press replay and it’s sad because ‘Lovesick Electric’ is a record that will always have a little piece of my heart and I wanted to embrace that again. 

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