SINGLE REVIEW: Greyson Chance – Boots

Earlier this year Greyson Chance released one of my favourite albums of 2019. ‘portraits’ was an honest and vulnerable collection of tracks that took listeners on a emotional journey of self growth and discovery through the heavy themes of sexuality, love and heartbreak. 

In the middle of a world tour, Chance has decided to release one more new song before the year is out and with ‘Boots’ he wants to honour where he came from. With the western imagery of this song he questions what Johnny Cash would be doing and wearing in 2019 if he was still around and what this style could represent now. Bringing his own unique feel to this vision, he layers a dark beat that is rhythmic and melodic at the same time. Layering his soothing vocals, he successfully builds a bold layering that stands out within his discography.

However, in comparison to his previously releases, ‘Boots’ is my least favourite single yet. The concept is there and it immediately stands out but dominates in a conflicting way. There’s a confidence that is exuberated through his vocal delivery, but when you break down the lyrics it’s just not as invoking or impactful as tracks like ‘yours’, ‘shut up’, ’Low’, or even the aggressively confident ‘black on black’ which is the closest sonic. 

It’s a cool instant-grat track and a song that will add a different contrast to his live show, but as anything further it’s not really a song that will linger on your mind. 

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