LIVE REVIEW: Chase Atlantic – The Brightside

Chase Atlantic have always been a trio that have known what sort of impact the wanted to make through their music. With their sonical evolution coming to full flair over the past couple of years, they moved overseas where their American fanbase has erupted and has seen them touring with the likes of Sleeping With Sirens, Good Charlotte and even being apart of the last touring Vans Warped Tour in 2018. 

Returning home for their biggest run of headline dates yet, they were on a mission to prove to everyone their growth as artists and performers. And the ‘Phases World Tour’ was a perfect representation of that heavy growth within their stage presence and live production. 

With the Brisbane crowd reaching sold out capacity at The Brightside, this hometown crowd were ready to celebrate their return in style. 

With an LED screen at the back of the stage initiating the introduction with footage of a rocket taking off accompanied by a massive drum solo, the band proudly took to the stage to piercing screams. “Brisbane, how we feeling? Get those fucking hands up” lead vocalist Mitchell Cave commanded before launching straight into ‘Angels’. 

The tight interaction between all three founding members and their touring members highlighted how much rehearsal went behind making this show as tight and impressive as possible. Clinton Cave jumped onto one of the speakers as he went into one of the first saxophone solos of the night which heard the crowd losing their mind with excitement. 

Heading into recent fan favourites ‘What U Call That’, ‘Her’ and Too Late’, they really put an emphasis on playing tracks from their recent album ‘Phases’ and their EP ‘Don’t Try This’. Throughout the hour show they didn’t play any old songs except for ‘Swim’, which did disappoint some long term fans who were hoping they would throw it back for some extra loud singalong’s. 

Before they played ‘Stuckinmybrain’, Mitchell explained to the crowd how the song was about his battle with mental health and how it was okay to not be okay. After a brief video interlude, the band returned back on stage for ‘Lust’, ‘Even Though I’m Depressed’, ‘Heaven And Back’ and ‘Like A Rockstar’ and ecstatically sprayed the audience with bottles of water.

For the slightly intimate moment ‘Love Is Not Easy’ the crowd lit up their phones and created a picture perfect moment for the band which you could tell really moved Mitchell. 

After saying goodnight to the hometown crowd with ‘I Don’t Like Darkness’, they returned to the stage for the throwback favourites ‘Friends’ and ‘Okay’ which finally made the long-term fans happy. 

Throughout the whole show I couldn’t stop thinking about their growth as a band. From their headline show in 2016 at The Old Museum to now, the band have completely evolved in the most pure way. They have really found their essence as a band and have honed their sound and their stage show to be the most engaging and the most authentically them as possible. They are a rock band with hip-hop attributes that also have The 1975 likabilities to them and it’s a really unique and strong fusion. 

Chase Atlantic Australian Tour

Friday 8 November – Wrangler Studios, Melbourne 

Saturday 9 November – Stay Gold, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*

Sunday 10 November – Factory Theatre, Sydney 

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