EP REVIEW: Jason Derulo – 2Sides (Side 1)

It’s been four years since we’ve had an album from Jason Derulo, but with a string of gimmicky singles, it hasn’t looked promising for the R&B singer-songwriter. Trying to win over audiences again with his pop injected sound, he’s decided to release an EP that inevitably falls under the radar thanks to it’s lack of creativity and ingenuity. 

‘2Sides (Side 1)’ is a collection of recycled sounds and ideas that we’ve heard from Derulo over the past couple of ideas. They feel washed out and confused, with a lack of cohesive flow as he jumps between storylines and sonics. 

Opening track ‘F It Up’ is the most promising with it’s trap R&B qualities and funky interpolation that has previously worked for him in the past. But again it sounds like something he’s already done in the past, and he’s just lucky that it was a good thing. 

From there he tries to jump on the Latin trend with the forgettable ‘Talk About Us’ and the try hard ‘Talk With Your Body’ before trying to show his hip-hop side with ‘Best Friend’ which is just… confusing to say the least. 

Attempting to make a moment for mainstream radio, ‘Be The One’ has a pop sensibility which I guess has potential but it’s not strong enough to be added to his “hits” accolades. Lastly he re-visits his roots on ‘Diamonds’ which is reminiscent of the material from his debut album. It’s this song that honestly has the most raw potential but its the over saturation of the delivery that ruins this one. It could have been his slick Usher styled moment if he just kept it simple and showed a genuine side of his artistry. 

‘2Sides (Side 1)’ is an EP that lacks depth and ironically only shows one side of him, which is the side he thinks everyone wants. But with no flow or real sentiment within these songs, you are left still questioning who Jason Derulo is. 

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