ALBUM REVIEW: The Script – Sunsets & Full Moons

It’s interesting that this time around The Script’s new album has flown completely under the radar. Especially when this one of their best albums they’ve released since ‘#3’ in 2012. The unforgivable lacklustre nature of ‘No Sound Without Silence’ and ‘Freedom Child’ saw their growing trajectory around the world start to slowly crumble as they began to miss hitting the top of the charts while radio stations started to skip singles even while their passionate fanbases were still selling out live shows. 

Their sixth studio album ‘Sunsets & Full Moons’ has their lowest profile yet and has been released without a lot of major promotion which is a bold endeavour. Because when you dive into the depths of this record, it’s actually one of their most cohesive records. 

The Irish three-piece have described this record to sonically be a sequel to their self-titled debut album and it’s honestly the perfect way to explain it. 

Opening with ‘Something Unreal’ there is an immediate energy behind the song that you can already imagine to fully come alive in their live show. There was room for them to flesh out the electronic elements but they didn’t and stayed true to their roots which was the tempting test I was excited to see them pass. They also held back on ‘The Hurt Game’ and the pop heavy ‘Hot Summer Nights’ which could’ve easily been over cooked. 

The lead single ‘The Last Time’ is one of the most predictable tracks on the record and it surprises me that they didn’t lead with ‘Something Unreal’ or ‘If You Don’t Love Yourself’ instead as they have more of a commanding presence. While ‘Hurt People, Hurt People’ is another strong future single as it has a promising commercial crossover. 

But in contrast, there are some songs that may be a little sonically predictable like ‘Run Through Walls’ and ‘Underdog’. But there is an empowering sentiment to this record which doesn’t completely feel forced or overly calculated unlike their previous two records. It hears them reclaiming their sound and their vision as a band and creating a cohesive collection of tracks. 

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