SINGLE REVIEW: Tame Impala – It Might Be Time

Okay, it’s official. There’s a new Tame Impala album coming in 2020 and we finally have the date! The Australian musical project led by Kevin Parker will be releasing their fourth studio album ‘The Slow Rush’ on February 14. 

Following the promotional singles ‘Patience’ and Borderline’, this record will further explore the psychedelic rock and alternative pop fusions their music has experimented with over the years. Their new single ‘It Might Be Time’ hears them boldly announcing the record with their catchiest single since ‘Let It Happen’.

Following a similar sonic trajectory, the song builds and has a jam feeling to it with it’s synth layering and electrified rock elements. Hovering with a hazy fade, the smooth aesthetic of the track is classic Tame Impala and highlights a contrast of growth within their artistry. That chilled out aesthetic is particularly reminiscent of one of their biggest songs of their career, ‘The Less I Know The Better.

Following on from their recent personal reflections, “It Might Be Time” tackles Parker’s concept of time and how a person can change and how it can vastly affect a relationship. “It might be time to face it. It ain’t as fun as it used to be, no. You’re goin’ under. You ain’t as young as you used to be” he sings during the catchy hook.

It’s a song that immediately grabs your attention from the familiar Tame Impala vibes injected in the opening bars and keeps it building for the full 4 minute duration.

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