SINGLE REVIEW: Martin Garrix feat. Dean Lewis – Used To Love

In 2017 Martin Garrix collaborated with Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan on the successful and catchy ‘There For You’. With the current worldwide attention on Australia’s vibrant music scene, it was about time that the Dutch producer teamed up with another Australian collaborator. But with the endless supply of choices, he chose Dean Lewis which is an interesting choice for his experimental sonic. 

With Ruel, Mallrat, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Guy Sebastian, Birds Of Tokyo, Tkay Maidza, Tones And I and even Amy Shark being some more well fitting choices, this direction seemed a little questionable. 

Dean Lewis is an artist that thrives in the acoustic to mild pop-rock element and he should stay there. It’s a sincere sound for him that suits his aesthetic and has time and time again created some magical moments in his career. However an experimentation in EDM is something that doesn’t translate well for him.

‘Used To Love’ is a song that has been made for a commercial takeover. It has all of the elements to be a radio hit and it actually still might be. But when you break it down, this song isn’t anything special and isn’t one that is going to win over a new legion of fans for Lewis because it doesn’t capture the raw emotion he usually does. 

Reflecting on the different choices we wish we could have made in a failed relationship, they try to get a little sentimental. “If I could, I would have made things right. But we can’t go back to the way that we used to love” Lewis sings during the flat hook. 

The production even seems a little sterile for Garrix as the predictable beat drop fails to ignite an energy that you were constantly waiting to be sparked. 

As a whole this song flatlines in delivering anything new or exciting. 

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